The Lady of Shallot




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Another work in the Gauntlets of Ares Universe.

Based on A. Tennyson's poem by the same name, a cursed maiden is drawn into a maelstrom of rending emotions whilst pursuing a knight in shining AD 2122.

  1. A.D. 2122
    Phobos Installation, a Terran outpost on the larger, innermost of Mars' two moons

    Johnny Schwartz took a long meditative drag on a cigarette. On the Phobos installation, like everywhere else in the Martian Colonial Sphere, good cancer-sticks were hard to come by since tobacco importation had been on the downturn of late. Hell, importation of damn near everything had been on the downturn of late given the steadily rising tensions between Earth and Mars.

  2. 'The Lady of Shalott'
    Part II

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