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The third work in the expanding Gauntlets of Ares interconnected realm of short stories.
Unlike the other two, this one is not based on any great literary masterpiece. It's just me and my puerile taste for guns, girls, and gore. Here, I expand on the 'Shipping Incident' mentioned in 'The Lady of Shalott', and do some setting up for other, forthcoming works.

  1. I

    Amanda Frost thought that she was going insane.

    Fortunately for her, the very fact that she could still distinguish between sanity and the lack thereof was a pretty good sign that the forty-eight hours of sensory depravation had not yet broken her.

  2. Amanda Frost woke with a start, her instincts telling her that someone else was in the room. A quick look at the clock told her that it was two in the morning; way past any visiting hours.

    Any legitimate visiting hours.

    "Have a nice rest, Sleeping Beauty? a voice like the hand of death asked from the shadows by the saline drip.

    "Zhao, she said.

    "At your service, Zhao Wei replied in the same brutal voice; the voice of a killer.

    "What do you want? she asked. "It better be to pay me my hundred million. I ghosted the guy just like your boss wanted.

  3. Zhao Wei reclined in an overstuffed reclining chair watching blue-grey cigarette smoke coil from the smouldering tip of the coffin nail he held loosely in his right hand. He was in the Syndicate's London Safe House, a refined ultramodern flat on the Northwest side of town, doing what he had been doing every day for the past two weeks: brooding.


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