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The Seventeenth Angel has been destroyed, and with it the heart of Shinji Ikari. At the same time, Mayuka Masaki is living through normal life in Okayama. When these two find each other, will Mayuka's carefree spirit be enough to heal the open wounds in Shinji's heart and soul? With thanks to Lord Deathscythe "Graffiti decorations, underneath a sky of dust. A constant wave of tension, on top of broken trust. The lessons that you taught me I learned where never true...I wanna know the answers - no more lies." -Linkin Park

  1. Savage Overture " Chapter 1 (Second Impact)

    Mayuka Masaki sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. Fourth time this month she had woken up in the middle of the night. "Pooh...Can't sleep again."

    She tossed back the covers and picked up the plush cabbit from where it had fallen from her bed. Walking quietly out of her room and down to the bathroom, she could hear Mama Ryoko snoring.

    How can daddy sleep through that?

  2. Savage Overture " Chapter 2 (The Blood Red Dawn)

    The SDAT player clicked softly, rewound, and once more track 25 started. Shinji paid no notice to this, only stared upwards, but seeing nothing. He blinked, and his hand slid down onto the player, clicking it off. Sitting up, he pulled the tiny speakers from his ears and stared at the clock.

  3. Savage Overture " Chapter 3 (Fallen)

    Shinji stood on the platform, staring vacantly forward as the train roared past him and slowed. He was leaving Kobe; the sooner he got out of a large city, the better. There were more people here " it'd take Section 2 longer to search this place if they even knew where he was. If they even had bothered to start looking. Misato had probably called them, and was more than likely waiting for him to show up on his own. Not this time. He'd never go back.

  4. Savage Overture " Chapter 4 (Rain)

    Mayuka had stopped dead in her tracks when the object came tumbling out of the woods. At first, she couldn't tell what the said object was. After a minute " it became clear to her. It was a young man.

    She raced down the short distance to where the boy had fallen and sank to her knees, holding the umbrella over both of them. The boy couldn't be over fifteen " if that. And he looked terrible " his clothes were torn, and he was stained with blood and grime.

  5. Savage Overture - Chapter 5 (After the Storm)

    Mayuka slowly made her way up the stairs to the shrine, sweeping each one as she passed. The storm had blown plenty of twigs and leaves into the pathway. So few people came here anymore - since most people abandoned religion with the Second Impact. But ojiisan still insisted they keep the place presentable. She finally reached the top stair and surveyed the damage to the shrine itself.

  6. Savage Overture - Chapter 6 (Dawn in the Afternoon)

  7. Savage Overture - Chapter 7 (When the Sun Went Down)

    The cages were silent. Both Units 01 and 02 remained silent and still in the banked lights. There was no sound from the booth, or from the command center located behind the cages. Just the low hum of the florescent lights and the smell of coolant was all there was " had anyone been there to observe, they might have seen something that would have changed their minds about one of the most cold hearted people ever to walk the planet.

  8. Savage Overture - Chapter 8 (In the Past)

    After dinner, Shinji had gone for a short walk that had ended on the long dock that went into the lake. He shoved his hands into his pants pockets and tried to comprehend exactly what this Masaki family was all about.

  9. Savage Overture - Chapter 9 (Memories and Regret)

    Mayuka made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen. No one else was up yet " why would they? It was only about six o'clock in the morning. Even though she didn't have to be at school today, it was a habit she couldn't break. Anyone who had to start their school day off with a three-mile walk just to catch the bus would find them stuck in the same slump.

  10. Savage Overture - Chapter 10 (The First Step)

    Misato rose from her stunted slumber and rubbed her face. The clock on the desk said it was nearly five at night. Quite a nap, but she had needed the rest. She rose from the bed " and smoothed down the sheets and the pillow.

  11. Savage Overture - Chapter 11 (Moonchild)

    For Misato and Rei, Saturday, April 30th began at two in the morning. The pair headed off in Misato's car, bound for New Matsue, five hundred miles away. This also meant they had to get through Nagoya before morning rush hour, and hope they got through Kyoto before the lunch hour hit.

  12. Savage Overture - Chapter 12 (Familiar Faces)

    The first rays of sunlight spilled across the family room of the Masaki home, and found their way straight into the corners of Mayuka's eyes about the same time Sasami started prodding her arm gently, trying to wake the girl up.

    "Nnn..Wanna sleep."

  13. Savage Overture - Chapter 13 (Uninvited)

    When Shinji first started walking towards the two people standing with Tenchi " one of them was clearly " Misato " but who was this other person? She was familiar " somehow. He didn't have much of a chance to say anything, for in an instant, he found himself caught in a fierce bear hug from " Misato "

    "Shinji " thank god we found you - thank god."

  14. Savage Overture - Chapter 14 (Revelations)

  15. Savage Overture - Chapter 15 (The Hand of Fate Upon a Chessboard)

  16. Savage Overture - Chapter 16 (Timendi causa est nescire)

    Shinji sighed and leaned back against the pillows. He wasn't sleepy, but it was still nice to lie down. Ryo-o-ki had chosen to follow him and had curled up in his lap, closer to sleep than he was. He rested one hand on the cabbit's head, and the other on the bed next to him.

  17. Savage Overture - Chapter 17 (Demonic Angel, Angelic Demon)

  18. Savage Overture - Chapter 18 (Opening Gambit)

  19. Savage Overture - Chapter 19 (Strategic Defense)

    For a few moments, the two children stared at Misato. Shinji didn't understand all of it, but he knew enough to know that this wasn't the best of news.

    "Are you saying that we've been fired?"

    "I don't think fired is the right word, Asuka " I have things I need to discuss with each of you alone " which one of you wants to go first?"

    Asuka looked from Shinji to Misato.

    "Shinji can go first " I can wait. You probably will have more to tell him."

  20. Savage Overture - Chapter 20 (Point of Attack)

  21. Savage Overture - Chapter 21 (Absolute Checkmate)

    Shinji found himself being woken by a gentle nudge. He squinted and groaned " he'd slept sitting up, and as a result, felt rather stiff. No " not entirely sitting up. He remembered the previous night " and somehow " he and Mayuka had fallen asleep on the couch " again. He turned his head toward the source of the nudging and opened his eyes. Two faces greeted him " Sasami and Asuka " could be worse " could have been Misato and Ryoko, he realized.

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