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After ten years in the cold core of Evangelion Unit Two, Asuka's mother returns.

  1. Chapter One ' How it began '

    Chairman Keel sat listening to Vivaldi, and checking the time on a fifty year old Rolex watch.

    ' At long last, the final round begins Ikari. Yet one more time we will play the game out, and I've opened Pandora's box itself to ensure the correct outcome.'

    The clock stuck twelve, and his face took on a rare smile.

    ' The fate of destruction is the joy of rebirth. Welcome home my dear, and good bye my Judas. '


  2. Chapter Two: Ice Cold Words.

    Misato reluctantly opened her eyes, and tried to remember why she slept on the lumpy couch. The smell of breakfast prevented her from just going back to sleep.

    " I need another beer, to clear my head.

    " Glad to know you're into clean living.

    Seeing Asuka at the stove, Misato made double take.

    " There's nothing but eggs, cheese, rice, and some crap that looked like squid. I hope you like scrambled eggs.

  3. Chapter three: Why

    Kyoko stood there for a full three minutes, trying to make herself believe it wasn't real.

    If he's here, then this has to be real. Where am I, and how did I get here?

    " My dear, I realize you've been through a great deal. Do you know who you are? "

    " Your visor light is red, it shouldn't be. You're red-green color blind, and the input will confuse your brain. Must give you a hell of a headache . "

    The old man grinned just a bit.

  4. Chapter Four: The Sword Of Damocles

    Kyoko put the last of the screws into the laptop, and booted it up.

    A hard drive fits into your pocket better then the whole laptop, better to keep anyone from noticing.

    She sat silently watching the machine boot, and feeling the water drip down her back from her wet hair.

  5. Chapter Five: Rude Awakenings

    Shinji carried a basket of laundry through the silent apartment, to his room.

    I don't like this. Misato doesn't drink that much, and Asuka never really cared. The worst part was, Misato the way she sounded when she told me. It was like she felt betrayed, or something.

    Shinji hated the way he could hear his own footsteps as he left his room, and walked to Misato's. He knocked on the door, and the sound echoed through the apartment.

  6. Chapter Six Hard Truths

    She stood there looking at him, for five full minutes, the information from Keel playing back in her head, as she tried to figure out just what it was that was speaking to her.

    " Kyoko-chan, are you alright? It is most curious, that you just stand there when your mentor is in such trouble.

    His words were calm, and almost happy. It was almost as if he was talking about the weather, or something else hardly important.

  7. Chapter seven: Bad Thoughts

    " It was the laptop, that tipped me off. They're all wireless, and this city is covered in hot-spots. Free broad-band was actually a selling point for getting people to move here at the start. I was able to get in the same way teachers do, to keep an eye on who is doing what in class. I didn't believe it at first. Shinji, he told me everything I needed to know to confirm it. "

    Keel sat back and listened to woman talk, and he thought to himself, before replying.

  8. War for souls

    A black limo with NERV diplomatic plates pulled onto Ritsuko's street as the Doctor spoke to herself.

    "He is going to be pissed. Just stay calm, and deal with the matter at hand

    As the limo stopped and she entered. She tried not to tremble as she made eye contact with Gendo Ikari.

    " Explain.

  9. Chapter nine: End Game

    Once upon a time I met an old man, that changed my life. His help came with a price, and I've walked in dark circles ever since then. Now to save my daughter, I need to walk in circles darker still. One of the children with me is a child, and acts . . . more or less like a child should. The other is a thing wearing human flesh, but, is far from human. I'll need his power to reach my goal, even if I know anything that doesn't fit into his his vision of divinity has no value to him.

  10. Chapter Ten: After the fire

    The dull throbbing sensation in her side woke her just after noon. The feeling of old sweat clinging to her forced her to stand, and fumble out the door without bothering to remember if she was dressed.

    Misato looked at her self in the bathroom mirror, and frowned.

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