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Blind Spot is the story of a young japanese highschool girl, who happens to be handicapped: she's almost blind. Follow her steps through the crowded city of Tokyo in a light tale of friendship, love, and drama.

  1. Chapter 1
    Retool/Edit V.1.1 by Dave Watson

    quot;Sometimes, you just need a fiction to show reality.quot;

    This story is a work of fiction. Yes, complete, utter fiction. However, it is based on research and experience, to make it as believable as possible. Of course, you will certainly find drama, love, angst, and such, but don#039;t expect mechas, magical girls, or android maids. Actually, maybe, no, never mind.

    Let me introduce you to our heroine, who will tell you all about her story, from her own point of view.

  2. Blind Spot
    By Axel Terizaki
    MSN: - ICQ: 81441376

    Chapter 2 : A blind girl in Tokyo
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    quot;Sometimes, you just need a fiction to show reality.quot;

    Some Japanese translations first, that many anime fans might know already:
    Ittekimasu: I#039;m off, I#039;m leaving.
    Itterasshai: In response to Ittekimasu, like quot;Have a good trip/dayquot;

    * * *

  3. Blind Spot
    by Axel Terizaki
    Chapter 3

    quot;My first time.quot;

    * * *

    I didn#039;t like Shibuya that much, to be frank. Even if being a teenage schoolgirl in Japan should have automatically made me a pilgrim of that particular district of Tokyo, reportedly one of the busiest in the world, I had to say I was absolutely not into it.

  4. Christmas was over before I even knew it. The MP3 player I wished for never came, probably thanks to Miyuki's brilliant comments on how I wouldn't be able to hear things coming at me if I were to listen to music while walking down the streets. Who gave me such a stupid sister?! Sometimes I wondered if I really was from this family to begin with.

    As for New Year's, well, it was pretty uneventful. Aoi was spending her holidays with us, making time flow faster than usual.

    quot;Hey, Aya-chan, over here! To your right!quot;

  5. Chapter 5: Ayako's Tears

    * * *

    quot;Here's the tea!quot; I entered my room with a tray holding three tea cups in hand.

    Inside, Karen and Shizuka were both absorbed in their textbooks, studying for the upcoming exams. They were sitting with their legs tucked under the kotatsu I borrowed from Miyuki.

    quot;Thanks, Ayako-chan,quot; Shizuka said with a smile as I placed the tray on the table. It was rather cold outside, and some tea to go with the warmth of the heating table was more than welcome.

  6. Chapter 6: Someday under the sun.

    * * *

    I was having a dream. A dream I can't really remember, except for it being quite pleasant. Pleasant until something pulled me out of it.

    And that something was the alarm clock I forgot to turn off last night when going to bed.

    quot;Aaaah, mou!quot;

  7. Blind Spot
    by Axel Terizaki
    MSN: - ICQ: 81441376

    Chapter 7: The final answer.

    * * *

    Autumn had come around once more. Months had flown by, classes had began again, and I was still unsure where I should be going with my life.

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