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An unexpected crisis brings Shinji's and Asuka's feeling for each other out in the open. Can these two pilots faces the challenges before them that make the Angels seem tame?

  1. Father

    Part One.

    Asuka woke up with a killer headache. It wasnrsquo;t the first time, in fact it was the third morning in a row. ldquo;I wonder if this is how Misato feels whenever she gets up after a night of drinking,rdquo; she thought to herself, reeling a bit as her feet hit the floor. The only problem with that thought was she that didnrsquo;t drink last night, or any other previous night.

  2. A/N: I would like to thank everyone who read and enjoyed part one of 'Father', and I apologize that it took so long to finish up part two, but you know how life can be! You may notice that some of the characters seem to be OOC, but people do change over time. In this story, Shinji and Asuka are now 16, and to put it bluntly, have been through hell and back. This can effect and change anybody. This story is certainly not Gary-Stu, nor is it (in the words of one reviewer) a self insert or near self insert. There is and will be plenty of

  3. A/N:I want to thank everyone for their reviews on this story, and I hope everyone is enjoying it. I'm sorry it took a while to get this done, but I'm trying not to rush this. For those of you who are reading my other story, I hope to post Chapter 3 of 'Song of the Berserker' by the end if this up coming weekend. Please, enjoy and review! - Lord Talon


    Part 3

  4. -1A/N: I want to apologize to everyone for how long it has taken me to finish and post this chapter. I had several major problems in my personal life occur since the last chapter was posted, the worst being the death of my father. This plunged me into a rather bad depression, causing any and all creative juices to stop flowing for a while. I now dedicate his story to my father, Charles Gordon Talley. He was a cantankerous old fart, but he was my father, I loved him, and I shall miss him. Thank you-Lord Talon.


    Part 4

  5. Father

    Part Five

    "Scheisse!" Asuka screamed as she ran around the apartment, making sure each and everything was perfect. She hadn't seen her father in years, and she wanted to make sure everything met with his approval. She was so scared that he already knew what had happened to her, and she was afraid at what he might do. She really didn't want to be dragged back to Germany kicking and screaming, as if Shinji would allow that.

  6. -1Father

    Part 6

    Tuesday, D-day minus four...

  7. Father

    Part 7

    Friday Evening, D-Day minus one...

    quot;Are you sure he's really a minister, Shinji?quot; Asuka asked as she opened the door to their apartment, and was quickly followed in by the rest of the clan. Shinji just shook his head.

    quot;Yes, I'm sure,quot; he replied as he followed her into the living room. quot;Besides, you're the one who chose him. I thought you knew all about him!quot;

    quot;Well, I went with Hikari's suggestion. He's the one that handled her oldest sister's wedding. If I had known he was so, well...quot;

  8. Father Part 8

    The air was still cool as a breeze blew in from the sea, causing the young redhead to shiver slightly. Asuka stood on the balcony and unconsciously hugged herself to keep warm as she watched the sun slowly rise above the sea dominated horizon. A gentle smile crossed her lips.

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