Eureka Seven: Withdrawal Syndrome




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In the aftermath of the Second Summer of Love, Holland's takes the first step in shouldering the burden left by his brother. As the Gekko embarks on a new quest, Dominic and Anemone try to live their lives in peace. But that peace will not last long.

  1. Disclaimer: I don't own Eureka Seven. That would be Bones?--the studio not the show with that dude from Angel. Anyway, this is my first non-Eva fic so there, you've been warned. Feedback is welcome, blah, blah, blah.

    Beta Warning: haven't had this one pre-read as none of my usual guys (and girls) have finished Eureka Seven and would not spoil it for them. Am I not merciful?


    Eureka Seven: Withdrawal Syndrome.

    By: Rommel

  2. Disclaimer: Same as always. I don't own anything, don't sue me, blah, blah, blah Beta Warning: Yes, I don't know where my pre-readers are when I need them. Sorry for the wait.

    Eureka Seven: Withdrawal Syndrome

    By Rommel

    Two: "Black Friday Rule.

    It was late.

  3. Eureka Seven: Withdrawal Syndrome

    By Rommel

    Three: "Faraway, So Close!

    The city, like other things that had once held life in them, reeked of decay. The smell penetrated everything, and hung in the air like a heavy, invisible curtain that fell on the abandoned buildings and the dusty ground. It was as if a sudden plague caused the inhabitants to flee; leaving behind their doors and windows open, children's toys still scattered at the doorsteps of family homes, cars lying empty on the roads.

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