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Evangelion Onegai Teacher. Complete. A freak accident during a weapons test leads Shinji to question reality and all things he knows about his life and reality as a whole.

  1. Ritsuko was growing nervous and time was growing short. Gendo had insisted that she develop a new weapon to assist in the defeat of the angels. The last angel had shook Nerv mentally. Nobody had suspected that one angel could become two. The cross synchronization of pilots had worked to defeat it, but what if it hadn't worked?

    That's why Gendo had insisted Ritsuko either develop herself or attain a new weapon that would insure they lasted long enough for the Human Completion Project to be completed.

  2. Mizaho, Minoru, and Konoha sat around the small coffee table. Worry was fixed on all of their faces. Kei had finally woken from his weeklong lapse into 'withdraw' but he wasn't the same.

    "He said his name was Shinji?" Konoha spoke.

    Mizaho nodded still drying her eyes, "He doesn't remember anything. Not are marriage, not how we met, not anything."

    'Poor dear, this must be terrible for her,' Konoha thought as her husband rocked slowly in his seat thinking. "This is tragic, especially after that trip to the ocean you just had."

  3. Three days at the Kazami apartment and things were slowly progressing. Life was far from the usual but that was expected now. Currently Mizaho found herself at her neighbors, the Edajima residence, washing dishes.

    "How are things going now?" Konoha asked offhandedly, knowing that was the true reason Mizaho was visiting without Kei.

    Trying to downplay her fears and apprehensions, "Fine, Kei is getting better. I hardly have to call him Shinji anymore to get his attention."

    "But you still have to on occasion," Konoha finished for the young woman next to her.

  4. Reading the reviews of the synchronization tests that the pilots finished not two hours ago, Ritsuko wasn't very pleased with the results. "Misato, Shinji's scores are still down. I could see them being down last week after he woke up, but he hasn't made any grounds in recovering his score. What's going on at you apartment?" Falling into her office's chair, Ritsuko just tossed the papers on her desk.

  5. Sitting at his desk with his two friends, Shinji hadn't felt as good as he did now than in a long time. Over a week had passed since Misato and he officially, yet secretly, choose to try seeing each other. Misato wasn't Mizaho was quickly identified by Shinji, Misato was far more outgoing than Mizuho and less book smart, but he could feel his heart still resonating with hers. 'I hope she isn't regretting it, I'm not.' But the shadow of doubt was never far from his mind. He was still a fourteen-year-old boy, could she stay with him despite that?

  6. Sitting at their desks in the slowly filling classroom, Hikari and Asuka were perplexed. The last two weeks had seen a lot of changes for their class, the most evident was Touji's abrupt and unexpected asking of Hikari out for a date on the upcoming weekend. Hikari was thrilled to finally have the dimwitted jock who she had almost given up hope on finally pull through. The other change was the driving force that got Touji to move, Shinji. "Did something happen to him while he was gone last month?" Hikari asked as she looked over at the three stooges and seeing Shinji.

  7. Looking at the cascading mountains of flying rock and dirt, the crisscross pattern of grass, swaying at the force of the dark pit in the distance, and the blinding light of a star no human eye had ever seen from earth, Shinji gripped tightly to the arms that encircled him. How could it have been less than an hour that he had 'withdrew?' 'All that time with Misato, my friends at school, and even Asuka's rescue at the volcano...so much time had passed but...but she... Shinji's mind rattled on more and more experiences he had since he deemed Mizuho and their marriage a dream.

  8. After the shaky start of the new term, time progressed much more calmly. Two weeks of waking, school, and life started to show a steady pattern in the lives of Mizuho and Shinji. They would wake up, usually Shinji first, and eat breakfast. Mizuho didn't want to start questioning Kei yet about how he suddenly became such a good cook or even cook at all, she knew he wasn't ready to talk about it, she just reveled in the new manner in which her day started.

  9. Watching the slow rise and fall of Ichigo's chest as she slept on her bed, Shinji felt fatigued and the ever growing need for sleep coming over him. But he couldn't sleep, not yet anyway, he had to talk to Ichigo again. She had 'withdrew' and from the looks of her subtle body movements was coming out of it, if what Minoru said about his own bouts with the disease were accurate. Moving from the cushioned chair over to the girl's side, Shinji gently shook her side. "Ichigo, wake up. You're stronger than this. Wake up we need to talk."

  10. Makoto wasn't exactly happy with his life at the moment. He had a good job yes, had a few good friends, namely Shigeru who was listening to his head phones at the moment, and had few worries in life. What was the problem though was his love life was abysmal as the woman of his dreams seemed out of reach. Misato was everything he wanted in a woman, charming, funny, and her body didn't do anything but add to his angst. And as the purple haired woman literally danced into the command bridge it drove a spike in his chest. Letting out a sigh he over heard the source of his work ask.

  11. No time moves faster than the time spent in peace and that held true for Misato and Shinji. Two weeks had passed since they first joined physically and despite a small power outage a week and a half afterward and the death of the next angel things had been great for them. Asuka however had been spending more time plotting with Hikari about the best method of swallowing her pride and confessing her intentions to the pilot she'd grown to care for.

  12. "How could you do that to me, I trusted you and you cheat on me?" she yelled loudly as Shinji rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He wasn't even sure who was yelling or why, all he could remember is heading off to his bedroom with Rei as per the order. She had taken his bed and he fell asleep on the floor. "So what do you have to say for yourself huh? Say something you bastard!"

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    Yup another chapter of this and not "What We Make of It" though I am working on that story so if you do like it don't worry. Got some odd remarks about Misato's last actions, well sadly I think it was a true human action, but we if you were offended or angered, sorry.



    Chapter -12

    A Moment of Courage

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    Um yeah...about that delay, sorry? But got some good work done on the novel, still far away from complete but its taking shape and that's good for me. Other stories are getting updated too in typical delayed fashion. I'll try to mix my fanfiction in with the time I spend on the novel better but I've little time to write while working at my job. Bear with me for a while and lets see where this whole endeavor takes me.

    Now back to where you wanna be.



    Chapter 14 ?- Gathering Strength

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    I just couldn't get this update out of my head so I had to write this chapter now. Hope nobody is upset that I didn't wait as long as before to update. Good news on other writing fronts so I let out a rowdy cheer and hope you've all had a happy turkey day.

    Enough blather



    Chapter 15 ?- Revelation

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    Well all things have to end eventually and this my dear readers is the end of Divergence. I hit everything I wanted to with this story and then some. It's a good idea to always start a story with the end in mind and this is where I wanted to end this particular story. Want to thank all of you that stuck with me and this oddity for the couple of years it took me from inception to completion.



    Chapter ?- 17

    The Hardest Choice

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