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Complete. How far will one go for love? How far is one willing to go to keep love? And is anybody truly incapable of mistakes?

  1. Hidden far away from prying eyes, Mara sat brooding. No matter what happened she couldn't get the better of those damned goddesses and their puny mortal. Senbei, her evil little bad luck genie, was happy.

    "WOULD YOU STOP THAT!" Mara bellowed at the dancing man.

    Slowing his dance at the scream, "Sorry mistress, just you very unhappy, make Senbei VERY happy."

  2. Eight hours have passed since Keiichi's horrified scream pierced the night. While Keiichi was now asleep, Urd had recovered from her sake induced blur. She was now staring directly into the red eyes of her younger sister. Aoshima was momentarily taken care of with a sleep spell and stored in a storage closet. Urd was going to have to play devils advocate on this.

  3. From her view in the Heavens, Belldandy watched her sisters, her Keiichi, and her temporary replacement eating supper. She watched as Peorth tried feeding Keiichi, how she sat so close to him, how she touched him, and as she watched her earring started to crack*.

    Holy Bell was peering over her shoulder into the viewing mirror; she was so distressed at her master's sadness. She also listened to Belldandy's mantra of, "I'll be back soon."


  4. Breakfast, which used to be a noisy mass of excitement, was unusually quite. Urd had not yet returned from her summons to the Heavens, leaving only Keiichi, Skuld, and Peorth sitting around the table.

    While the two remaining Goddesses had their own thoughts as to why Urd had yet to return, they kept them silent. 'Best not to jump to conclusions yet,' both reasoned. Peorth was hoping that Belldandy's punishment would keep her away from the temple for at least a little longer. Enough time to worm her way deep enough into Keiichi's heart.

  5. Belldandy stood before her father again, Holy Bell majestically over her shoulder. She looked as if the events that lead to her banishment from the Morisato home had never happened.

    "My child you have done well in the past two weeks. You have made much progress," Kami-sama addressed the Goddess before him.

    On one knee, Belldandy smiled to herself, 'The old fool, I see things for what they are now.' Raising her head to see, in her eyes, the betrayer "I have done as you wish father that is all."

  6. To all that viewed her, Belldandy had fully recovered from the disastrous events that transpired over a month ago. The air about her seemed to shine again, given most gods or goddesses rarely saw the now elusive goddess. Usually stowed up in her quarters with only the occasional visit from Skuld, Belldandy mostly kept to herself now, and nobody could argue.

  7. If joy were a material object, Belldandy would have choked on it. After her swift act of liberation, Keiichi was safely away from Peorth and with her. Trying for secrecy and privacy, she opting for hiding herself away in an upper class penthouse in the center of Tokyo as compared to another dimension such as the one she stored Aoshima in. The low level magic needed to conceal her presence would be less easy to detect than that of a pocket dimension.

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