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The curse of Evangelion Unit 03 began long before the War of the Angels began. It did not just touch the life of Touji Suzahara...but all the people involved with its creation...and all the people of NERV 04, in Westfield, Mass.

  1. Jaclyn Kaiser, age fifteen, decided that this time of the day must be the ONLY time Logan International Airport wasn't full of people. A few Red-Eye Flights across the country to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and a few across the Atlantic to London and Paris.

    Then there was her mother's flight, bound for Santiago, Chile. Or rather, that was her final destination. The large American 747 outside the window was bound for Mexico City. Santiago wasn't even her mother's final stop, she was going, as Jaclyn often stated, " a hell of a long way down' to the Ross Ice Shelf.

  2. Jaclyn glared at her left ankle in annoyance. Last night, in her lacrosse's team against the Lady Hawks of North Springfield, she had collided with a defender. The results had been rather ugly, as their legs had hooked around one another as they fell, and when they finally got untangled, both girls had broken ankles. It wasn't the fact that her ankle was broken that annoyed her - it was the fact that the ankle was going to keep her from going with the rest of her team to Provincetown tonight. A game that was scheduled to start at eight - the team's one overnight game of the season.

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