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Third chapter re-written, Its better...i think

  1. All They Needed Was Each Other Prologue

    The eighth angel and came and gone, and with its death sent a new degree of pain into the life of Ikari Shinji, pilot of eva-01. Visions of what transpired briefly flash into his memory but vanish before he can fully comprehend them. A week after his berserker rage killed the angel he found himself in a lapsing into a deeper depression than ever before. He simply lie on his bed waiting for sleep to reach him.

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    All They Needed Was Each Other

    Chapter 1: sudden revelations

    Shinji hurried to school, fully intent on doing something today that would end his suffering, but not knowing what.

  3. All They Needed Was Each Other
    Chapter 2: The new situation

    The ride back to the aptartment was a silent for the most part until
    Misato finally cracked "why were you going to do that, shinji?. I mean
    what could have convinced you to do such a thing?"

    "I was just feeling lonely..everything just got to me" images of the last
    battle raced thru his mind causing a shudder.

    "So, you wanted to run away again" Misato added grimly.

    "I, don't know misato-san, I was just thinking last night...and.."

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    All They Needed Was Each Other Chapter 3- Reactions and Beginnings

    The walk to school didn't allow Shinji much time to fully digest all that Misato had just informed him about. He lumbered his way to school and sat heavily at his seat still debating if letting this happen was such a good idea. 'I could just take the therapy, could be less painful.' His eyes wondered over the classroom and came to rest on the unsuspecting second child. He was not looking forward to her almost predictable reaction.

  5. All They Needed Was Each Other
    Chapter Four: A Time to work and a Time to Play

    The next few days were uneventful with Misato working while the pilots were
    at school so their was no real need for either Asuka or Rei to watch Shinji.

    'A shower will wake me up' were the thoughts slowly formulating in the
    second child's mind once she had gotten out of bed.

    Asuka collected her things and head to the bathroom for a leasurely shower.

    'God I hate cold water' she growned until the sound of the door opening
    took her attention.

  6. All They Needed Was Each Other
    Chapter 5- Another log on the fire

    Shinji woke up that morning surprisingly well rested and began his morning tasks in a happy

    "Get a good night rest for a change Shinji-kun?" Misato asked before opening her third Yebisu.

    "Actually, yes I did Misato-san, I really did" he replied, 'Last night was actually really
    fun, I didn't know Asuka could be even that nice.'

    The redhead then deicide to make her appearance at the table with blood shot eyes and an
    angry expression plastid on her face.

  7. "All They Needed Was Each Other"
    Chapter 6- "When ones speaks with a different mind"

    Shinji tensed the second Asuka's voice split the air, his body went rigid his arms fell to
    his sides, and his face paled more than Reis'. Rei also noticed the arrival of the 2nd child,
    manly do to Shinji's reaction, and she broke off her embrace by pushing off the couch
    and looking at the enraged new comer.

    "You are disturbing my test. Please leave." Her voice a bit rasping from the deep kiss.

  8. All They Needed Was Each Other
    Chapter 8 Human Development

    Deep inside the confines of the Nerv base inside her specialized testing tube,
    Ayanami Rei synced with her sisters, but today the experience was different.

    Rei opened her eyes but instead of the usual surroundings she found herself inside her
    apartment facing a younger version of herself, which appeared to be 7 years old.

    "Who are you?" the elder Rei stated.

    "I'm you, the you that you repress." the child responded.

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