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As I walked along the road to Rome I couldn't help but count all of the crosses that stood on either side, and I realized something. The bad men lived and the good men died... but that's okay; I'm safe for now.

  1. "Child, child, wake for me as an echo of the sun."

    It was the voice; the voice took. Coaxing him, asking him, telling him, demanding of him. It was the voice.

    It was the dark and the cold and the hurt and the madness all rolled up into one, for the voice was many and the many were one.

    "At worlds end I believed in you. One of the weary on the run."

    Yet, the voice gave to him that one thing that was, to him, indelible.

    "To you I entrusted my all, my people, my dreams."

  2. The water cascaded down his head and ran in rivulets down his body. Before it took a final leap of faith towards the tile floor below, and the great beyond of the shower drain. Shinji smirked at that.

    "I'm sure it's symbolic. Really, I am."

    It was ten years time since the nightmare of the past that had claimed Ikari Yui, and his second test would soon begin. After that the voice had not told him what was to come, nor had he asked. He had asked his question of the voice before and there would be no more. All else was already written.

  3. The employee lounge was always too cold for her tastes; most of NERV was too cold. Sometimes it made goose bumps rise on the exposed flesh of her legs and arms. She wouldn't give in to the cold of the sterile room that easily though.

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