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Crossover with Cthulhu Mythos. They still meet on the Over the Rainbow. They still battle and defeat the sixth angel. They still land safe and sound back on the ship after the fighting. That was when things started to go wrong.

  1. All of the lights save for the emergency ones have been out for some time, leaving the plug sparsely lit. The distinct hum of the LCL circulation system is the most apparent sound, and when paired with the thick stench of blood it is a wonder that any occupant of the plug does not go mad after just a few short minutes of being incased.

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    Rei opened the door and entered the shop, pausing on the threshold to glance up at the bell attached to the door, which had sprung to life and alerted the shop owner to her entrance.

    "Welcome, welcome back!" said the round and wrinkly faced shopkeeper cheerfully, his eyes barely seeming to be open, "How is your painting going miss?"

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