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An incident at Nerv leaves Shinji and Asuka in an unexpected predicament. Based on the original Idea of Claus von Stauffenberg, this is the "LD edition."

  1. A shrine you could call it, looking over the small apartment. A shrine to memories good and bad, old and new. Pictures of a redheaded girl and a boy with dark blue eyes sharing a life time together decorated the shelves of this domain. In the kitchen of this place one man called home, Shinji Ikari prepared some food and drinks for two. Yui would be coming over today, spending time with her father while she prepared for the arrival of her own child.

  2. As her father reentered the room, something disturbing occurred to Yui. If the story Dad had told her was true, and the photos appeared to be real enough, then that meant…

    No, that was just too weird to even consider. There was no way it could be right… could it? Granted, the goings on at NERV would have seemed unusual to the people who hadn't been there, but this was too unreal.

    Shinji placed a fresh cup of tea in front of his daughter, seeing the bewildered look on her face as she tried to come to terms with what he'd told her so far. He didn't blame her, not at all.

  3. "What was it like?"

    A simple question. One of the first questions a person asks in their life after why. It is a simple, four word question asking someone to define an experience that you never had before. A question you ask when you don't have anything to compare something to in your own day-to-day monotony.

  4. The next morning, James Cole was no where to be found. Percy pulled Ron and Hermione off away from the rest of the students and said, "Now, I don't want either of you talking about last night. You can discuss the incident with the troll if someone asks, Ms. Granger. Anything that took place in the Headmaster's Office is strictly confidential. It will be best if Professor Dumbledore handles things from here on."

    Ron snarled for a moment, "Why are we keeping this under wraps?"

  5. "Things after that weekend returned to something resembling normal. As far as the school was concerned, NERV had decided that it would be better for us to be home schooled. Security matters were the perfect cover to keep unwanted eyes off us. We just studied, performed sync tests, went through combat training exercises, and somehow found time through all of that to be the children we were."

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