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How far would a mother go to protect her son? After seeing the torment in her sons mind, Yui Ikari decides to do something about it.

  1. It was a normal morning for the people of Tokyo-3. The cicadas were chirping up a storm as Shinji and Asuka ran to school. "Baka Shinji, we're going to be late because of you. Why can't you just get your act together?" Asuka shouted as they ran.

  2. Shinji sat in the classroom, trying to stay awake and push his headache to the back of his mind. It was becoming unbearable, and no amount of aspirin was helping. He had never had migraine headaches his entire life, and didn't know where this one had come from. He couldn't help but feel a sense of dread as the day continued, as if something sinister was happening to him. Perhaps his head hurt because of some horrible contamination from Unit-01? He would have to ask Ritsuko ASAP, if this kept up he wouldn't be able to function let alone sync with the purple monster.

  3. It had been three day's since the 13th angel had possessed Unit-03. Three days since death had come the closest to claiming the life of someone Shinji held as a dear friend. Shinji was still confined to a room in Nerv's hospital while Ritsuko tried to figure out what had caused his odd episode. He couldn't help but get a sense of foreboding, that something was wrong and that Ritsuko wasn't telling him and Misato the whole truth. He wasn't the only one worried.

  4. Asuka lay in her room fuming, the battle with the 14th still a fresh wound to her pride. She had in her eyes failed again. It didn't matter that this angel had been the strongest so far, didn't matter that there had really been nothing she could of done differently. Al that mattered was that she had lost for the second time in a row, and that Shinji had defeated the angel even if he had gone berserker. That weak, perverted, cowardly idiot had beaten her. She couldn't believe that someone like him could out do her.

  5. It had been five days since Shinji had returned from the hospital after his stay in Unit-01, and almost a month since Asuka had read the notes in his symphony.

  6. It had taken Asuka nearly an hour to calm Shinji down enough so she could get him to sleep. He had finally passed out on the couch from exhaustion after being lead there by the Second Child. Now all Asuka could do was wait. She had tried to reach Misato, but for some reason their guardian's cell phone was out of range. Asuka didn't think it a good idea to call Ritsuko yet, or Rei. So Asuka watched Shinji as he slept.

  7. It had been three days since the Fifteenth Angel had torn through Asuka's mind, and three days since she had shared the darkest day of her life with Shinji. Neither of them had ever intended for those memories to be laid out in such a fashion, but it was there now. They both shared those memories between them. Whatever power the Fifteenth Angel had, it had imprinted the memory of the day her mother had died into Shinji's mind, as his had been imprinted in hers.

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