The Alchemist, The Plant, and The Detective




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They told him his life before the dark halls of Arkham was a lie. The only solice he had was in the maddness of the Rouges, and the faith of a plant.


    How long had it been really since he had found himself here. If you asked him he wouldn't really be able to tell you. Could have been days, or years. Not that it mattered to him much. He had the books in the asylum library to keep him busy. Every book on history and science he had mowed through, researching, studying. Not that he expected to be able to use it any time soon, but it was more then enough to keep him occupied.

  2. It was cold and she was surrounded. There was no escape, not that she would have been able to fight through the large group of men that had surrounded her. Amanda Connery was terrified beyond reason as the gang started grabbing at her, tearing at her clothes, looking at her like a piece of meat. She tried to fight back but they over powered her. There was no escape as the knife was held to her.

  3. Two years had past. In all that time he had built up the company with the help of Pamela to the second largest biotech firm in the city next to Wayne Enterprises. He had gotten his degree in advanced chemistry with a minor in botany. That he had done so in two years as opposed to four, and had already finished his doctorate amazed everyone who met the young man. At the age of nineteen he was the most well known man in the city. Only Bruce Wayne enjoyed greater fame.

  4. It had been six months since that night. For the first few weeks Edward had taken over most of the load for Batman so he could focus his time on helping Tim recover. He even made friends with Commissioner Gordon. The fact the older man knew who he was, and had apparently knew who the Fullmetal alchemist who stalked his streets had been for a while without saying anything helped. They did their best to keep things as quiet as possible.

  5. The moonlight spilling in to their bedroom bathed her in silver light. Edward just watched her sleep against him, holding her as closely as he could. He ran his left hand along her red hair and just watched Pamela rest. Her breakdown had made him question whether or not he should be trying to go back to Amestris. He knew the answer to that question though.

  6. The space between worlds was a harsh environment, nothing but energy and black figures. Batman had never seen anything like this as the Batwing chased after Ra's ships. Black figures seemed to come out of no where, trying to grab hold of anything that they could. Batman dodged them as best he could as he asked, "What are those things?"

    "For lack of a better term? Gatekeepers," Fullmetal said.

  7. Amestris

    It had taken them almost a year to really transcribe and distribute all the knowledge the Fullmetal Alchemist had brought to this world. The automail engineers of Rush Valley had almost rioted when the designs and schematics he brought back had been released. Rockbell Automail had gotten first look at all the designs. It was one of the many things Fullmetal had brought back to the people.

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