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A threat to more then just Amestris drives General Edward "Fullmetal" Elric back to Gotham City. It's the time of a new Batman, but old allies still exist in the dark city. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

  1. The drive from Wayne Manor to the Amestrian Botanical Gardens was not unexpected. Terry was aware that the former head of research for what used to be Resembool Industries had, like Bruce, gone into seclusion. He had been rather surprised when he had read the file in the computer on Dr. Pamela Isley. He hadn't expected someone who had once been known as Poison Ivy to just fade away. Much like Victor Fries, she was one of the old mans enemies. Though Bruce made it sound like he was going to see an old friend.

  2. Pamela sat in the middle of one of the more flowery areas of the green house. Her private sanctuary, where Nina had roamed while she had been alive. She had never quite figured out how to reverse what had been done to the little girl. She came close, but never pulled it off. So she kept that area to herself now. Iris had gone out for a night with friends. Pamela didn't mind, told her granddaughter she'd just read a journal.

  3. Iris watched her grandmother most of the way back to the greenhouse. She had already noticed her improved mood earlier. Now that she knew the reason, it was almost as if her Grams had grown younger by decades. Even though her condition kept her body young, Iris had always been able to tell her age by looking at her eyes and how she held herself. She was always what one would call elegant, but there was a weight there she carried. Now that weight seemed to be gone. If you didn't know how old she really was, you could easily say she was in her late twenties again.

  4. Amestris - Eastern Headquarters – Refugee Relief Camp Five

    "Dr. Elric?"

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