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Unit01 Left Earth after Third Impact was avoided. Now the Beast has awakened from it's long slumber to complete it's final mission. At the Dawn of the Third Age of Mankind.

  1. He felt light.

    He couldn't explain the feeling, only knew that it was like he had been placed a float in space. With all that had occurred, all he could think about was how tired he was. He felt as if he could sleep from now until the end of time. As he closed his eyes the last thing he saw was a streak of red across the sky as blood red waters lapped on the shore.

    He fell asleep with the gentle lapping in his ears, and the image of a young red haired girl at his side as they both slept on this shore of death.

  2. To say it had been a stressful two days would be a gross miscarriage of the truth. It was far worse. Most of the dignitaries had demanded to leave immediately, and an increased military presence by Earth Force and both the Narn and Centauri had clogged jumpgate.

  3. She looked over the deck of the carrier, ocean winds stirring her hair as the VOTL set down. She walked over to it, recognizing the purple haired woman getting out, but not the three boys her own age that accompanied her. One of them is the Third then.

    She was in a galley, sitting with the woman and her three charges, one was the pilot. The man was there too, only problem was he was paying more attention to the purple haired woman then her. She locked her eyes on the other pilot, the Third. "Come with me," she said, and dragging him from the room.

  4. Sheridan had followed the trauma team from the cargo bay all the way to medlab, Garibaldi close on his heels. Asuka and Kosh also followed at a distance, with Sarah at her daughters side. After they got to medlab the boy was pulled into the isolab so that Dr. Franklin could do a proper examination. Sarah just looked the boy over, something about him kept gnawing at her. There was something she didn't like, but the elder Soryu couldn't put her finger on it.

  5. Sheridan entered his office and found the Drazi Ambassador waiting for him. The Captain walked directly to his desk, not showing any real problem here. His manner as he greeted the Drazi Representative was cordial, offering him a seat which he took so they could get to business. "Ambassador," he said.

  6. Asuka walked into a buzzing medlab, and she already knew the reason. Nothing stood in her way as she made her way to the bed where Shinji lay. Doctor Franklin was already looking him over, trying to get him to relax. Shinji however was panicking, Asuka could see the cold fear in his eyes as he tried to speak to the doctor but Stephen couldn't communicate with him.

    "Someone get a translator in here now," Franklin demanded. Asuka heard the language Shinji spoke and already knew she could speak with him.

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