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He knew nothing of who he was, what he was, for ten years James Cole thought he was just a normal child. That is about to change.

  1. To say that having to walk through a wall and finding ones self in front of a large red locomotive was strange would have been an understatement. Jim had known from the day Professor Minerva McGonagal had shown up on his families doorstep speaking of magic and wizardry that he would never be normal again. Not that he had been from an early age. One does not simply appear on the roof of his home, nor suddenly make things disappear without knowing they are different from others. His family followed him to the train. They were not related to him by blood, this James Harold Cole knew.

  2. The first week of classes were a flurry of notes and study to just get an idea of what was going on. Jim and Ron had become good friends during that time, though Sylvia still managed to scare Ron on more then one occasion. Jim also had made good friends with Hermione Granger. If it hadn't been for her during their first Transfiguration class, his match wouldn't have changed at all. Still, something Sylvia had said to him was confusing. Granted, Professor McGonagal had popped up on their first class from the form of a cat. That was impressive by itself.

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