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It's one thing to be able to travel through the whole of Time and Space, but with no one to share it with it can be so very lonely.

  1. She was alone. After so long with her Time Lord he had finally succumbed to that final affliction that his kind were almost immune from. Death had taken her Time Lord. And now she was alone, truly alone in the universe. No Time Lords, no other TARDIS', no one. For a time she thought about landing somewhere and just letting herself waste away, perhaps as a piece of lore that couldn't or wouldn't be understood. Perhaps she would go to the beginning of all things and let the creation of the universe be her funeral pyre.

  2. For over a thousand years, many people had walked through her front door, expecting it to be rather cramped inside a small Police Public Call Box and shocked at how big inside she actually was. Those companions of her Time Lord at first were always so shocked and amazed at this first impossibility smacking them in the face. The Dursley's reactions would probably had been to immediately try to have her destroyed, the abnormality purged from the universe.

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