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There are many things with in Dracula's Imperium. Here is where that information can be found.

  1. Prince or Voivode, Vlad Dracula can also be referred to as Vlad III, Vlad the Impaler/Tepes, Lord Impaler, a figure shrouded in mystery and darkness. From the ashes that the Wrath had reduced the world to he rose and brought order to the chaos. A ruthless but fair order as those of merit are rewarded and those who don’t are ensured a comfortable place in the lower echelons.

  2. “Divine Wrath,” a phrase used to describe the punishment of God. This is the name that was given to a plague created in secret laboratories by Islamic Extremists. The Wrath was created in an attempt to “purify the world of the Infidels” as it's creators put it. The exact method for deployment is unknown. It is assumed that the virus was seeded in volunteers who then went to London, Tokyo, and Chicago releasing the virus into the air systems of the major international airports. With the amount of traffic through those major hub, the spread was effectively global within two weeks.

  3. Once believed to be a mythical folklore creature said to subsist on human or animal blood often having magical powers and/or special abilities like transformation. They were once assumed to have been the corpse of a person, reanimated or made undead by other means. Now it has been found to be not always so, a vampire can be ‘born’ from any human regardless of age, size and race. There has been no immunity found to what is now dubbed the ‘Vampire infection.’

  4. The American Jihad

    Initially formed at the height of anti-Muslim hysteria during the Oppression, the Jihadists may be the only force that stands between Dracula and complete subjugation of humanity.

    Forces: Cells of usually 20-50 men can usually be found in the eastern half of the United States. Operational areas range from the backwoods of Alabama, to the ruined streets of the Rust Belt.

  5. The Church faction

    The Church Knights were established soon after the spread of the Divine Wrath and Undead, and shortly before the Ecumenical Reunion in which all the long-sundered branches of the Christian Faith reunited. The aims of the Church Knights were to be warriors and protectors of the Church.

  6. The vampire hunters. Not in direct association of Dracula and his new world order.

  7. Demons

    Demons are beings truly from Hell. Be it the Christian Hell or the ones from Eastern mysticism. With the onset of the Wrath and the following chaos the lines between Hell and Earth have blurred. Somehow some of these beings have escaped and are now walking in the realm of men. Maybe they have always been there in the shadows unseen waiting for a chance to strike.

  8. In the beginning, when the vampires first roamed among humans, some sought after sins of the flesh after feeding. Some would feed from the women or men they had just used for their physical pleasure and leave them for dead. For the vampire women, this wasn't much of a concern. They could only bare children of vampire lords, not of humans. However, the vampire males who failed to kill their partner left something else. The women would become pregnant with the vampires child, and at some point gave birth to a different type of creature.

  9. - November 5th, 2008 – A fungus in the Patagonian rain forest is discovered. It is capable of producing fluid hydrocarbons from the matter it grows off of. While not a revolutionary break through it sets the stage for further research into biological sources of fuel and energy. Continued research into carbon nano-tubes promises potential breakthroughs in super and ultra capacitors.

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