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AU Xover NG:Goddess Fic. Before Terra 2, before the Guardians of Heaven, before EVAs, There was a Wish, and a Dream. Many Dreams come true, but some can become Nightmares.

  1. Date-wise, you'd have to look at the timeline for my A/U. Basically, this begins just after Celestine and the movie, just before Second Impact, and well before Neon Genesis Goddess.

    I don't own Ah My Goddess

    I don't own the characters either.


    A Neon Genesis: Goddess Fanfiction.

    A Goddess' Dreams.

    Part 1: The Dream.

    Koi ni naranai ne soba ni iru dake ja

  2. A Goddess' Dreams

    Part 1: The Dream

    Chapter 1

    One month later.

    Keiichi opened his eyes as his alarm clock continued to announce the morning. With a groan, he sat up on his futon and slapped the alarm off. He glanced at the window to confirm that it was indeed morning. He rose to his feet and, after pausing at his dresser, opened the door to his room and stepped out into the hall, heading towards the bathroom.


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    Chapter 2

    Keiichi swallowed with some difficulty.

    "Talk?" he squeaked.

    "Talk." Skuld stated firmly. "Without Onee-sama present."

    Keiichi could only nod.

    Seeing this, Skuld rose to her feet and walked into the kitchen where Belldandy was working.

  4. Chapter 3

    Morning found a tired Skuld shuffling into the dining room. She dropped down into her spot at the table, almost directly across from Keiichi. He gave her a warm 'Good morning' before returning to the morning paper. From the kitchen came the sounds of a happily humming Belldandy.

    Skuld's eyes narrowed slightly as she glanced into the kitchen, then back at Keiichi.

    "You didn't take Onee-sama's purity did you?"

    "I...er...what?!?!" Keiichi dropped the paper in surprise.

  5. Chapter 4

    Keiichi lay in his bed that night, staring at the ceiling. Belldandy had returned to the Whirlwind via mirror, something that had surprised Chihiro. Even more surprising was that Belldandy, if possible, looked even more upset then when she had left. Chihiro had quickly grabbed Belldandy and pulled her off and away from Keiichi, Sora, and Tamiya. After fifteen minutes, the three were starting to get worried when the two women finally reappeared. Belldandy seemed to be in a much better mood, and even Chihiro was smiling.

  6. Chapter 5

    Keiichi walked nervously alongside Skuld to the nearby park that would be the location for the meeting. The closer they grew to the park, the more nervous Keiichi became.

    quot;Keiichi.quot; Skuld said softly, quot;Are you alright?quot;

    quot;No.quot; he answered, quot;It's sinking in what I'm about to do. I'm meeting with him!quot;

    quot;Were you this nervous when Belldandy popped out of the mirror?quot;

  7. Chapter 6

    Race Day

    quot;What exactly is the purpose of this?quot; Lind asked as she looked over the race course from the top of the bleachers.

    Skuld let out a sigh before slowly turning to face the Warrior Goddess.

    quot;Mortals see this as a form of recreation.quot; The young goddess answered, quot;They also see it as a challenge.quot;

    Lind frowned. quot;How is moving about in a loop at suicidal speeds seen as a challenge?quot;

  8. Due to my now infrequent postings of chapters, I realized that I completely forgot to mention something with the last chapter I posted. (time flies I guess.)

    For those who didn't know, Ah! My Goddess first appeared as a full fledge Manga on August 25,1988.

    To date, it now has over 200 Chapters, or 34 Volumes.

    Assuming Belldandy was 21 in 1988, she's now in her forties and still looking fine.

    (Now if Keiichi will finally ask her that question...........)

  9. Chapter 8

    Keiichi sat in the shed, idly twirling a wrench in his hand while staring at his bike. Working on his bike usually helped him to relieve tension. Unfortunately though, today his bike was in top shape already and had been for the past week.

    Even more unfortunate, his tension level had gotten higher as the wedding day grew closer.

  10. Chapter 9


    Keiichi froze at the voice. Then with a sigh of resignation, he sat the wrench down carefully on the floor of the shed and slowly turned around. Blocking the entrance were the Sempeis, Tamiya and Otaki. Behind them were the rest of the male members of the Motor Club.

    quot;Umm...Hi guys.quot; Keiichi said nervously.

    quot;Morisato.quot; Tamiya rumbled, quot;It is time for your final rite of passage before marriage!quot;

    quot;Could I take a rain check?quot;

  11. Chapter 10

    August 4th 2000

    Belldandy poked at her breakfast.

    Keiichi frowned at this.

    There was nothing wrong with it. She had prepared it correctly. It wasn't burnt. He himself had even taken seconds, as had Skuld. Urd was hiding in her room, either hung-over or sleeping off a shift as the SysOp for Yggdrasil. There was no way he was going in there to check.

    It had been a remarkable couple of years since the wedding.

  12. Chapter 11

    The Nightmare

    It was difficult to open her eyes.

    It seemed that they didn't want to.

    Reaching up, she rubbed them, wiping out a lot of grit that had accumulated. Apparently she'd been out for a while.

  13. Chapter 12

    Chapter 12




    Keiichi watched silently from the porch while Skuld, Urd,
    and Lind argued over a Mandela that had been drawn in the dirt. Lind had
    arrived the previous day with Selene with news that the End of World powers had
    been released and that she was present to insure the Norns received their


    "What are they arguing about now?"


  14. Chapter 13

    quot;And just what do you think you are doing?quot;

    Mara froze at the icy voice coming from behind her. For the past two months, she'd been coming to a little used part of the Palace to access Nidheg. She had thought that no one would notice.

    Unfortunately she was.

    And by the worse possible person.

    quot;Well?quot; the voice said again.

    quot;Umm...research?quot; Mara said as she slowly turned around to face her Queen.

    Hild glared at her.

  15. Fukai ao no sekai koete meguriau

    (Crossing the deep blue world to meet)
    Kaze ga toori nuketeku

    (The wind goes through)

    Maiorita masshiroi hane fuwari yurete

    (The white wings sway softly as they fly down)
    Oshiminaku kakegaenai anata wo tsutsumitai

    (I want to wrap you up thoughly, my dearest)
    Aisuru hito mamoru chikara ryoute ni motteru hazu (open your mind)

    (I should have the power to protect the one I live in both my arms (open your mind))

    Kokoro wo hiraite (itsumo yume miteta)

  16. I can't feel my senses
    I just feel the cold
    All colors seem to fade away
    I can't reach my soul
    I would stop running, if knew there was a chance
    It tears me apart to sacrifice it all but I'm forced to let go

    Tell me I'm frozen but what can I do?
    Can't tell the reasons I did it for you
    When lies turn into truth I sacrificed for you
    You say that I'm frozen but what can I do?

    I can feel your sorrow
    You won't forgive me,
    but I know you'll be all right

  17. Where has the starlight gone?

    Dark is the day

    How can I find my way home?

    Home is an empty dream

    Lost to the night

    Father, I feel so alone

    You promised you'd be there

    Whenever I needed you

    Whenever I call your name

    You're not anywhere

    I'm trying to hold on

    Just waiting to hear your voice

    One word, just a word will do

    To end this nightmare

    When will the dawning break

    Oh endless night

    Sleepless I dream of the day

  18. Story Order.

    At one time I had a timeline that I posted at the end of a few fics that gave a rough outline of the entire story. I have it, but I haven't updated it in years.....(it's incredible I started this about eight years ago!). So based on e-mails and messages I have gotten, here is the rough story order for the Neon Genesis: Goddess universe.

    A Goddess's Dream

    Neon Genesis Goddess / Neon Genesis Goddess Director's cut

    NG:Goddess Return of the Red Haired Demon

    NG:Goddess Past Experiance, The Race

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