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[Post 3.33]After the world narrowly escaped a 4th Impact, Shinji Ikari is broken. Asuka Shikinami must take charge and lead both him and the confused 'Rei Ayanami' across a vast wasteland to the place the Lilin can get them.

  1. She looked across the red wasteland, it was hard to believe that fourteen years ago a once proud city once stood here. Hundreds of thousands of people once inhabited these lands, buildings stretched up into the sky. Battles were won and lost here and now it had all but been reduced to a wasteland. This place had once been a fortress to secure mankind. The home of NERV and their biomechanical weapon Evangelion.

  2. Asuka, much to her surprise was the first to wake up. It would be around 0630 AM now, she had nothing to tell her that but she knew it. She had had nearly fourteen years of waking up at that exact time. Still she was surprised that she was the first to wake up. She had expected Shinji or the clone to have woken up before her. She sat up being careful to not wake the others and glanced down at Shinji.

  3. It was still dark when Shinji woke up. He looked around the tent. Rei was lying some distance away from him facing away from them. Asuka was however closer with her arm draped across him. He gently moved it off of him as he sat up, his bladder calling him to relieve himself.

  4. A change had been observed by Rei in both Asuka and Shinji over the course in the morning. It was a subtle change but Rei had noticed it. Asuka was still leading Shinji by the hand as she had done the previous days but instead of pulling him along or leading him it seemed more mutual, they were walking in closer proximity to one another.

  5. There were behind schedule by around half a day or so thanks to the incident with Rei yesterday. After the events that had transpired an attempt had been made at progressing further but due to Rei not regaining consciousness they had only managed an hour or so of carrying her before Asuka made the decision to give up.

  6. Fourteen Years ago – Eight Months After ‘Near Third Impact’

    Misato Katsuragi stared through the observation window at the girl in the room. She was sat on the edge of the freshly made bed and staring straight ahead at the wall, an eyepatch covering her left eye. Placed next to her was a tray upon which the remnants of a meal lay.

    There was no expression on the girls face, just a blank stare. Sadly Misato turned to face the blonde doctor stood next to her.

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