A Bond in the Darkness



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01/26/2017 - 19:15


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In the secret facility known as Mayday Project of Darkness; two children will form an unlikely friendship.

  1. We humans crave for bonds with one another, for it is with these that we define ourselves; they are like a mirror in which we can see our own hearts.
    However, throughout our lives, these bonds are ever changing. We are either getting closer or drifting away, and no matter how strong these
    bonds may seem, sometimes they can break apart.

    Take my parents for instance, at first they were always there for me, but when odd incidents began to happen, they began to drift away.

  2. Kihara had just turned tail and run; dumping the little shit with me. Just what the hell was that bastard thinking putting her here? The brown-haired, twin pigtailed girl was banging desperately at the door, trying to find some way of opening it.

    When I began to approach her, the pipsqueak turned around to face me; her mouth twisting into a fake smile in an effort to appease me.

    "H-hi there onii-cha-" I quickly interrupted with a blow to the door right next to her; my vectors making it shake violently.

  3. I was alone when I woke up the next morning. It appeared like I had overslept and that guy didn't bother to wake me.
    Of course that was to be expected considering what was said the other night.

    Luckily the door was unlocked; so I could go to the mess hall and get something to eat.

    It took quite a bit of time for me to get served now that Accelerator wasn't there with me. As I waited, I looked around for aniki.
    Unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen.

  4. We got up the next morning almost at the same time. Aniki's shifting as he awoke; waking me as well. With a big yawn I slowly sat up,
    it felt like I had slept on forever. Sitting right next to me was Accelerator; his mind still half asleep as he drowsily scratched his unkempt hair.

    For a moment we stared at each other; an awkward silence filling the room until aniki decided to suddenly shove me out of his bed.

    "Ow, what the hell is your problem!" I asked angrily, turning around to give aniki an angry pout.

  5. [If you like Piña Coladas] The sun was shining brightly. [And getting caught in the rain] light cerulean blue covering the sky. [If you're not into yoga]
    The blowing sea breezes keeping me cool from the lukewarm rays that enveloped my body. [If you have half a brain]

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