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  1. Darkness

    Darkness is where it begun.

    Then, light.

    Awareness, sentience, memories...

    I am alive, floating in a yellowish fluid, surrounded by reflections of myself. The others are alive, but they are not aware, they are but vessels of flesh, waiting the time when they shall receive the gift of a soul.

    But there is another, one with already a soul. She is out there. Not here amongst us. I sense her.

  2. "What the hell's going of here?!" shouted Commander Gendo Ikari as he found a small crowd of high-level personnel outside the retrieval lab.

    "Kinoshi's dead" replied Ritsuko as she stepped through the group to meet him.


    She nudged her head, implying that it would be better to talk elsewhere. Nodding in agreement, the Commander followed her deeper into the corridors of central dogma.

  3. Grass fluttered against the force of the downdraft as the unmarked VTOL landed undetected in a forest not too far outside of Toyko-3. Five figures, all in large coats and carrying briefcases, disembarked quickly and efficiently from the craft.

  4. In the darkness of the night, a woman clambered up some stairs supporting her injured companion. Her clothes smeared with blood seeping from his arms and leg. Upon reaching a door at the top of the stairs, she quickly punched in the safe house's access code. The automated door opened swiftly and silently.

    "Come on you prick. You're not dying until you've been ordered to" mutter the woman as she struggled to move the man through the entrance.

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