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An experiment goes horribly wrong, touching off a string of events that will forever change the lives of everyone in Tokyo-3. Rated R for some violence and harsh language. *complete*

  1. "Approaching absolute-borderline," Maya Ibuki said, her voice sure and calm, "all boards are green."

    Misato Katsuragi sighed, "It worked fine for Rei," she said, "why is this test necessary?"

    Ritsuko Akagi looked up from the monitor she had been observing. "The cross-sync test is necessary because we need to find out if Unit 01 AND Unit 00 are compatible. So far, Rei synced fine with Unit 01... but that doesn't mean 00 is going to just sit there and-"

  2. "You're kidding me with this, right?" Touji Suzuhara was still dressed in a black suit and tie, and was most unamused with what the blonde in front of him was saying.

    "Not even remotely," Ritsuko said coolly, "I'm dead serious."

    "Poor choice of words..." the boy replied softly, visions of the funeral (less than three hours over) still fresh in his mind.

  3. -This must be Heaven...- Hikari thought, closing her eyes and resting up against Touji's chest.

    They were sitting in the modest Horaki residence, currently empty save for the two of them, and had been making out rather heavily for about thirty minutes. She had broken away to catch her breath... and to gently push his hand back down from where it had slid halfway up her shirt.

  4. ((ring))



    "Commander, the preparations for Unit 03's arrival have been finished, and per your instructions, the Dummy Plug system has been pushed through to completion."

    "Very well. Prepare the one I specified to be the Fifth."

    "Sir, I... are you sure that's wise? Considering what we-"

    "You're questioning my decision?"

    "N-no... no, sir... I just-"

    "It will serve as a lesson to those that sent her."

  5. Mana frowned deeply as she looked at the light purple plugsuit in the bag she had been handed. "Are you sure my uncle's been contacted?" she asked. "He worries... can't I call him?"

    "I'm afraid not," Ritsuko said, not looking up from her data printout, "no calls until after the sync-test, Commander's orders. But I did leave instructions for your uncle to be contacted."

  6. ((HISS))

    "Get her out...get her out!!"

    "How bad... dear God!"

    "Is she alive? Don't just stand there, get her out!"

    "Ok... on three... one, two, three!"

    "Is she even alive? God - her leg's gone... get a tourniquet on it before she bleeds out..."

    "No breath sounds... no pulse..."

    "Start compressions, get that LCL out of her..."

    "One... two... three... come on, honey..."

  7. Absently rubbing at the bandages on her ribcage, Misato paced back and forth in the Pribnow Box, casting dirty looks towards the door, which had thus far failed to cause it to open. "Where IS she?!" the purple-haired woman snapped finally, making Maya flinch.

    "It's not..."

    Misato rounded on the younger woman as she trailed off. "Not what, Lieutenant?!" she demanded archly.

  8. Asuka stared up at the ceiling of the apartment's bathroom, barely blinking as she breathed in and out, measuring each breath like the ticking of some unseen clock counting down the seconds of her life. There were not all that many left she decided fatalistically, slipping a little lower in the tub and tilting her chin up so that the bathwater just barely tickled her bottom lip.

  9. A loud crash broke the relative silence of Rei's apartment, catching the First completely off guard and making her stare down in confusion at the spray of tomato juice running from every surface within five feet of her location. She had been eating lunch, and idly wondering what Major Katsuragi was doing, when she had noticed that her glass was empty. Still thinking of other things, she had walked to her fridge and refilled her glass.

    She had not even felt her hand open, allowing the glass to tumble to the floor.

  10. Misato stared at the far wall of her living room, keeping her breathing even as she pondered the meaning of the words 'history repeats itself.' It seemed to be a fitting expression, she thought, shifting minutely to allow her houseguest to get more comfortable, and she wondered - not for the first time - if the knife wound and subsequent infection had addled her brain somehow.

  11. Mana stared out at the small, newly-formed lake, shaking her head at the sheer destructive power it represented. If she met up with Unit 01 or 02 when she came for the Commander, she would be completely outmatched. Certainly, the Trident robots were powerful... but against this? It was no contest.

  12. Asuka had always hated hospital rooms. They reminded her of her mother. This one was no exception, and the fact that the woman lying on the bed was somewhat of a surrogate mother did not help much either. God, what time is it? she thought tiredly. I've been up for fucking ever.

    "How's the food?"

    It was a lame joke, but Asuka was starting to get jittery with all the silence.

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