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An elsewhere story. Evangelion fantasy style!

  1. As the sun went down beneath the horizon, a young man, standing at the top of a windmill, put away the hammer he had been using to repair the damage from the last storm. Wiping the sweat from his forehead the man sighed and stared at the scene laid out before him. Walking towards the edge of the windmill, the young man felt a rare sense of peace as a light breeze washed over his face and the sunset bathed the sky in orange hues.

  2. "YOU! This is all your fault, isn't it?"

    Shinji tiredly stared at the man known as Gwin, who was seething in front of the place Shinji had often wished he could have called home but for the indifference that had claimed him long ago. The old man was angry, very angry, and probably for a good reason too. Shinji could understand his anger and he knew that he couldn't hide from his responsibilities. He couldn't deny reality when nearly half of the village behind him was in flames.

    "Yes," the young man admitted, without even a thought.

  3. Numb. She felt numb.

    The fact that she could feel anything at all surprised her. She thought for sure that she would have died. She should be dead. She had known the consequences of her choice. Without a cleric to bring some life back to her drained body, her life should have ended.

    But she was alive. Weakened beyond reason, but alive.

  4. His muscles were sore from hours of hard labour. The afternoon sun was harsh against the unprotected skin of his back. His hands hurt, the skin raw from using the heavy labouring tools all day long. His lips were dry and his throat hurt from thirst. Yet, for the first time he could care to recall, Shinji was happy.

  5. The sky was free of clouds and the full moon shone brightly in the starry sky, a bright candle amidst the countless smaller ones. It could hardly have been a better night for travel when the three companions emerged from the thick forests they had been traveling in for the past few hours. Now free of the trees,

  6. Tabris walked the streets of Tokyo, his presence unnoticed among the sea of people that crowded the main street, his powers kept tightly in check, concealed by Lilith's life energies right beneath his feet.

  7. Kensuke tightened the string on his lute one last time before giving it a tentative strum. To a casual listener the instrument produced a clear, if high-pitched note, but to the troubadour's trained ears it sounded more like someone scraping their nails against a pewter plate. He sighed in defeat, and laid the lute on his lap as he himself leaned back against the wall adjacent to his bed, closing his eyes as he massaged his temple with his hand.

  8. "I can't believe it! How dare they make us wait a week?!"

    While the older man seemed completely unfazed by his younger companion's temper tantrum, he would be the first to say that it was in fact an acquired skill. Experience had taught him well.

    "It can't be helped, Asuka. Very few sailors dare sail the seas of Japan, and with good reason. Many dangers lurk beneath the sea once you've passed the barrier."

    Asuka snorted. "Cowards, all of them."

    "If they die, who will feed their families?"

  9. As mentioned in my previous report, we traveled to the elven city of Kelethin, where we spent the night.

    It does not appear that High Priestess Ayanami has sensed any evil from the Wind Chosen. The fact that he was allowed to cross the Kelethin barrier itself suggests that there is no darkness in his heart. However, I will continue to follow your instructions and watch out for any suspicious behavior.

  10. While the Royal Castle dwarfed it by its sheer size, Tokyo's Great Cathedral of Lilith was still impressive to behold. The pure white stone walls rose several stories high and the crystal statue of Lilith that stood on its wooden roof was always a sight to see when the sun shone against it.

  11. High Mage Gendo walked through the empty back streets of Tokyo undisturbed, only a shadow among others. Had someone's eyes actually been able to look at him instead of instinctively turning away, they might have noticed the resolution of his steps or the focused set of his face.

    Unlike those who lived amongst the squalor of Tokyo's back alleys, he was a man with purpose.

  12. Asuka awoke with a gasp, which might have become a scream if she hadn't nearly choked on her own bile. While she coughed and tried to catch her breath to answer the need of the heart hammering under her breast her fingers frantically probed beside her. It was only when her hand found and clutched the warm metal of her sword -- the sword that always lay at her side -- did her breathing slow to a more normal pace and her mind calmed down enough to think about what had just happened. It also gave her something to focus on besides the horrible taste in her mouth.

  13. She was alive. Tied up, unarmed, but alive. She could remember fighting against the elf, trying to get something of her cover story out, then... fainting. How humiliating. If Lady Armisael ever heard of this...

  14. From her window Hikari tracked the progress of the crowd that had gathered to see the Chosen of Lilith off. Distance and the crowds prevented her from actually seeing her friends, but by following the cheers and the movements of the multitudes she could guess where they were.

  15. Touji's nostrils flared as he saw the orc toss the girl aside like she was trash. He could hear the blood hammering in his ears as she cried out then lay unmoving, her limp body rolling to the side to reveal a patch of crimson where her head had hit.

    As a bandit, Touji didn't consider himself a chivalrous type. He thought 'knightly grace' to be the result of people with metal helmets screwed on too tightly. Life was hard, and he had to do what was needed to survive.

  16. Removing her thin bronze circlet, the last vestige left of her rank as a priestess of Lilith, Mayumi wiped her brow before setting it back into place. The afternoon sun hung punishingly above the heads of the Companions of Lilith, reminding them of its harsh dominion over the blasted desert of the Northern Wastes. The priestess' mouth was a dry as the dust on her skin, but she held off taking a sip from their meager supplies. Even their guide Myssa had difficulty locating unpolluted water in this part of the Wastes, and replenishing their reserves with magic had proven more costly than

  17. "Geez, what's taking that elf so long?" complained Asuka as she and the others, minus Kensuke, waited inside a barn at the outskirts of the village. It had been clear as they approached Niigata proper that something was up, and by the way armed men were patrolling the streets, whatever it was, the villagers didn't want to be disturbed.

    "There are large numbers of clergy here," Mayumi noted. "I would guess that they're always on the look-out for dark elf infiltration, using magic and otherwise. No doubt it's difficult to avoid detection, even for Lady Rei."

  18. With a certain apprehension Mana opened the door. No matter how many times her duties brought her here this room elicited a sense of terrible loss from the girl. She knew it was silly, but she couldn't shake the thought that no one should violate the sanctity of this room.

    Princess Hikari's room.

  19. Kaji turned his stunning smile her way. For once the man was shaved, his normal roguishly handsome look now just breathtakingly handsome. Dusty, worn leathers had been replaced by finely crafted tunic and pants, well embroidered and sized to fit. Normally Asuka didn't go for the 'refined and noble' look... but darn it, Kaji was one of the few who could carry it.

    Besides, he couldn't be expected to wear some travel-stained tunic and trousers at his own wedding.

  20. So many.

    That was the thought on Rei's mind as she looked up at the stars. Up here in the mountains, they seemed to shine with a brilliance unequalled elsewhere. The smoke from human fires marred the sky in Tokyo, and the protective trees of her native Kelethin kept the night sky at bay. Even the Northern Wastes appeared to darken the sky, shrouding the light of the stars in some smothering blanket of darkness.

  21. Five days had passed since the companions' costly encounter with the forces of Adam. Though they had finally found the last of Lilith's Chosen as well as the Earth Armor, the ensuing battle had taken its toll on the group.

    Even Rei had been favoring her left arm, though she tried not to show it. Everyone had known but said nothing, leaving the elf her pride. Still, Shinji wished she would at least show her wounds to Mayumi. But considering the reckless way he'd sustained his own hurts, he guessed he didn't have anything to say to the elf.

  22. She could feel it. That which had laid dormant inside her for so long... slowly it began to awake. With consciousness it brought awareness... knowledge. Knowledge that left her cold.

    Knowledge of what she really was, knowledge of how she was entrapped. Now she understood, now she could see the chains.

    She wanted to run, run far away. Run before she hurt the people around her. Run so hard that the thing that beat within her would tear itself from her chest.

  23. The flower garden's obelisk loomed above Kensuke as he stood before it. His breathing was ragged and hard as the weight of what he was about to attempt invaded his mind. Mayumi had made her choice out of a desire to protect them, do what she felt she had to. What if she was correct and this was the best path? Did he have the right to go against her wishes?

  24. A furious clash of metal upon metal rang throughout the castle's middle floors. Touji and Badiel fought a furious running battle down the corridors and in many cases, through interior walls. Outfitted with magic powers and equipment and possessing enormous strength, the two combatants were engines of destruction.

  25. Under a broken archway stained with blood, the shadows there seemed to harden to opaqueness. A moment later a single dark elf stepped through into the ruins of Tokyo.

    Armisael listened carefully but detected no signs of humans nearby. As promised by Tabris, no one sensed her intrusion. To her senses the air with thick with the bite of fires, blood, and decaying flesh. She looked around at the devastation that surrounded her. So close! They had done so much damage to the humans, come so close to victory!

  26. As he stumbled out of the makeshift teleport portal, Touji knew they almost hadn't made it. Magical travel wasn't exactly his forte but during the eternally long second he'd been in the portal corridor he surmised something was wrong with it. Any form of travel that worked as intended shouldn't make one feel as if all their toes were attempting to violently escape their body via the ear. Dizziness and disorientation he'd expected, but having his eyeballs show him a picture of the front of his brain was not a pleasant sensation.

  27. For a big guy, Bardiel was pretty fast. That was the first thing that Touji remembered as he avoided the colossus' opening strike. Fortunately their battleground was quite different from their last battle. Open ground, like the arena they were in, provided a lot more freedom to evade than the narrow passages of Tokyo Castle.

    And more importantly, Touji didn't have to worry about avoiding collateral damage.

    Of course, that also gave more space for Bardiel to wield that freakish scythe of his, but that was the way of battle: it was rarely perfect.

  28. A large pulse of energy expanded away from the Northern Wastes, moving to cover the whole world. Wherever the pulse passed over - city, village, or forgotten places - people felt a moment of nausea. However, the energy was not for them.


  29. After who knew how much time, Mayumi pulled away. "I... I have to get back to helping."

    "Yeah... I should go back to the frontlines." He wanted to say something to her, something important and... you know, important. But for all the stories in his head his tongue wouldn't do what he wanted. "I just wish there was a way to keep them from rising so fast."

    Rubbing her eyes underneath her glasses, Mayumi sighed. "It's probably some kind of outside augmentation field or something. I wish Yomiko was where, she'd probably have read something on this at some point."

  30. Sweat stinging in his eyes, Kensuke pounced forward, his borrowed mace crashing hard against a zombie's neck. The dead thing let loose a hungry sounding moan as its head twisted to one side but did not stop the cold hands from clawing at his shirt. The dead woman's mouth opened unnaturally large as bloody teeth reached for his warm skin.

  31. Light blinded Shinji.

    Not the eerie purple light of Adam's dark energies, but a warm, comforting light. It felt good. Shinji could feel his pain fade, his body relax. He closed his eyes, better to pass into the eternal sleep.

    Death... didn't seem so bad. It was a small comfort.

    "You're not dead yet, idiot!"

    Shinji's eyes snapped open.

    Asuka stood by his side, beautiful and proud, body clad in crimson armor while her hand held her flaming sword. Auburn hair cascaded down her back while irrepressible sapphire eyes challenged him.

  32. Touji stared at the unconscious form of Hikari, unsure of what to say or do. He'd been told of what had happened after he had died. By all accounts, the sleeping spell Hikari was under should have worn off long ago. Yet, the young Queen had yet to awaken.

    Touji sat by her aide and after some hesitation, took one of her hands in his. That wasn't improper or anything, right?

    "Hey..." he awkwardly said. "I'm back."

    Her hand felt small and delicate in his. Warm too. It was reassuring, somewhat. At least it didn't feel dead.

    She didn't react.

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