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A class assignment turns Shinji's life upside down, as his partner is one to treat all things as realworld situations.

  1. "I do."

    Now, for many, these simple words illicit fear and confusion. They symbolize to some the surrendering of one life for another.

    Of course, to Shinji Ikari, pilot of Unit 01, these words came with a strong sense of foreboding.


    One hour ago...

    "Okay, class. We will start a new project today. You each will be paired up with a student of opposite gender, and work out as a couple.

    WHAT? screamed out Asuka.

  2. Shinji was tired, confused, and...and...

    Well, that pretty much summed up his mood at the moment. Though it was one in the morning, and he still had school tomorrow, sleep continued to elude him.

    Maybe it was the assignment?

    Maybe it was the glares from Asuka and Misato that they leveled at him since his return from school?

    Maybe it was the fact that Rei was cuddling his side, and apparently slept naked?


    Well, who could ever be certain about these things?

  3. Misato, Shinji, and Rei sat outside in the waiting room of the NERV medical facility, waiting for new on Gendo Ikari. Fuyutsuki had already left to tend to the meetings that Gendo was supposed to attend before the accident.

    That meant many people in NERV were both afraid and happy.

    Misato had been left in charge if Gendo was...unavailable.

  4. Shinji slowly returned to the waking world. It had been a strange night. He had had this weird dream where him and Rei were actually married and shared a passionate night together. Yeah, like my life would ever be like that.

    A dainty arm coming across his chest and latching on to him dispelled that thought.

    Slowly, almost as if he was about to see the devil himself, Shinji lowered his gaze, following the path of the arm, until he found the blue haired girl it was attached to.

  5. Asuka was pissed.

    While this was not unusual, her reason was.

    The doll...the emotionless doll...had married Shinji.

    Not only that, but she had bedded him as well.

    No, Asuka Langley Souryu did not take second place to an emotionless doll. She would not lose, even the little worm known as Shinji Ikari, to the doll.

  6. Shinji would normally tell you that only a certain amount of things scared him.

    Piloting Unit 01...

    Facing an Angel in battle...

    Failing someone who really needed him...


    Well, he had a new fear.

    Apparently, somewhere between when Rei left and he entered the kitchen, he had been sucked into a parallel reality. His proof was the normally feisty and violent pilot of Unit 02, standing in the doorway and blocking his only escape route, wearing very little.

  7. Misato sat at the desk in her temporary office, staring down at the three pilots before her.

    Rei was there after finally being ejected from her EVA. It had taken the MAGI four hours to breech her firewall and hack through her restrictions to override her control of Unit 00.

    But it did come at a cost.

    The maintenance crew did say they could have the progressive knife removed from her parking space and the concrete repaired by the time she got home.

    If she ever went back there.

  8. I'm a father! I'm a father! I'm a father!

    As usual with some people; they hear a suggestion and run with it.

    For our proud and often depressed newlywed, Misato's comment was on a marathon run.

    I'm a father! I'm a father! I'm a father!

    Right now, Shinji had yet to leave the elevator for the floor on which the dignitaries' quarters. Currently, he was in the fetal position, the elevator stopped, rocking himself, trying to come to grips with that possibility.

    I'm a father! I'm a father! I'm a father!

  9. Shinji and Rei were walking home. School had been cancelled after Hikari's father had shown up with a shotgun, demanding to know what Toji had done to his innocent girl to warrant the need to marry in secret.

    Oh, Shinji had an idea what would have led to that.

    It was most likely the act of the girl currently hanging off his arm.

  10. As the EVA battle raged outside, the shelter offered a safe place for the citizens of Tokyo-3 to stay.


    Well, safe if you weren't named Toji Suzuhara.

    You see, currently, he was being cuddled by his new wife...something he had learned about two hours ago, along with the fact that apparently that document Rei had had him sign yesterday was not for just getting his sister into NERV's hospital.

    His father; Keitaro, and grandfather; Toji Sr., were facing off against Hikari Horaki's father; Densuke.

  11. A shiver...

    A very strong and frightening shiver...

    Shinji looked around the stall. "I sense a great danger approaching.

    "Shinji, is that you?

    He gulped. He had revealed himself. "Ms. Maya?

    "Yes, now what are you doing in the women's restroom?

    Normally, Shinji would have run away at being discovered in the women's restroom. However, he had more frightening things to hide from: like a redhead out to rape him, or a wife who seemed to be under the spell of finding everyone a marriage partner. "Um...hiding from Asuka, Misato, and Rei.

  12. Misato was desperately trying to figure out who she should shoot first: herself, her new husband who was sitting in the passenger seat, or the two women in the backseat who were making her life hell.

    While Kaji was not rubbing it in, she could tell by his smirk what he was thinking. She had little doubt that this marriage would not dissuade him from still flirting with the female staff at NERV; he enjoyed it too much. She was certain that if the EVAs had breasts, he would be trying to score with them as well.

  13. As another explosion rang out across the school yard, the boys shrank a little more on the roof; the hiding place for all the boys recently married during the "Blue Period, which was what the name was for Rei's rash actions that resulted in a massive number of forced marriages.

  14. Home. This is a place that is supposed to fill one with a safe feeling.

    For two males, a breached nuclear reactor filled with stomach-bursting aliens would feel safer than home.

    This was why they were where they were. A few candles offered illumination as they ate their meals.

    The sak?(C) and hard liquor did help ease the tension.

    "So, Shinji said, a slur beginning to form in his speech, "this kind of stuff happened to you before?

  15. Shinji sighed as the hot water from the shower fell upon him. It had been a few weeks from the last Angel attack.

    And as strangely as it sounded coming from him...he was...happy.

    Yes; Shinji Ikari: Universe's Bitch and Pilot Punching Bag, was happy.

    Sure, he could have wished for retaining memories of sex with Asuka or Rei, but still, he learned to take what happiness that he could.

  16. Ritsuko snorted as the medical staff finished applying yet another wrapping on her arm. Turning her pained stare towards the person on the next bed, Ritsuko delivered a look that would kill if it could. "Damn it, Misato. "~It's not like it'll go mad and try and kill us all,' you said.

    "When are you going to learn to keep that damn mouth shut?

    "Hey! said Misato, as her arm was slipped into a new sling. "How was I supposed to know that would happen?

    Ritsuko began to mumble. "Bad luck bitch, need to shoot her.

  17. Kaji had been to many dives and holes in the walls in his day of cruising bars. Some were of the classiest joints one could ever hope to gain entry into.

    Others made you wish you could get your money back from the bouncer.

    The Pretty Girl Tea House made him want to grab his money, kill the bouncer, burn the building to the ground with all employees inside, and salt the earth to ensure nothing else grew from there.

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