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Misato was determined to find the truth hidden within NERV's walls. One should always be careful what they wish for.

  1. Thirteen

    Chapter One:

    The silence in the cavernous room went from the mere undisturbed quiet of a long abandoned space, to a suddenly heavy and oppressive thing that seemed unnatural and impossible in its scope. So much so that it affected not only the physical world, but had also temporarily silenced the brief flow of sudden, chaotic thoughts in the mind of Misato Katsuragi. Such was the case when one laid eyes upon something that should not be.

  2. Chapter 2:

    Shinji squinted his eyes against the glare of the sun as he awoke and struggled to sit up. He was exhausted and his head was filled with an ache that could only be described as feeling like it was heavily overstuffed with wet cotton balls. His mind had been forced to assimilate so much that it was a wonder he hadn't gone insane from the overload.

    quot;Ugh,quot; was his appropriate commentary as he massaged his temples and took a few deep breaths. He froze for a moment when he suddenly realized that he was naked.

  3. Thirteen

    Chapter 3:

    Misato sat in the shade on a park bench. The cheerful chattering of the birds and the quiet beauty of the well tended park were lost on her as she closely watched Shinji as he stood at a nearby vendor's cart. She had chased him all the way to the other side of the park, not catching him until he had stumbled to a stop next to a water fountain.

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