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A story about a group of teens tracking down (or trying to track down) a sadistic murderer for revenge. As they travel, the full story behind the murders unfolds, and they are put into a fight to keep the order of the world as ordered of them by the Phoenix goddess.

  1. (This story takes place in the kingdom of Ethera, under the rule of King Blaire and Queen Reina, the only and the most popular monarchs in the world at the moment. The only lands independent of them are the Sol and Luna Islands, collectively known as the Golden Isles. Gods and goddesses are a rather large part of life, the chief goddess being Corona, of purity. The story starts in Godrim, the capital of Ethera...)

  2. The katana came down just as Ruby groaned. ldquo;Stop making a fuss please, and letrsquo;s just leavehellip;hellip;,rdquo; Ruby sighed lightly. She rose from her chair with a graceful posture, and put 50 notes on the table. ldquo;Please, keep whatever leftovers are retained,rdquo; Ruby said to Jodi. She then proceeded to drag Sapphire out of the restaurant by hand. The old men sighed, but, at least Jodi was still there.

  3. Vengeance. Ever since that day, that was the occupant of Ruby's mind...

    An eleven year old Ruby Cristallo skipped joyously down the dirt road that led to her house. As she got closer, her surroundings appeared to get greener and lusher. She had concluded long ago that there was a 'something' about her house, her family, which kept it and the trees around it fresh and healthy, something besides the fact that her mom usually tended to them.

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