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What would happen if a young girl with the knowledge of the SCENARIO of the SERIES, wanders into the lives of the cast, and some familiar faces, permanently shifts their destiny? Did I mention, this takes place in REBUILD? curious?

  1. *I don't own evangelion ^_^

    NGE: S


    Wednesday 8:35 A.M.

    8:35 AM School hours are starting. That morning, Asuka Langley woke up with a serious headache. She stretches from her bed and sits up.

    "Last night was weird. She said. She looks over to the clock. 8:37 Am. She broke from the bed and launched herself to the bathroom.

  2. -YAY for Rebuild 2 to come out AWESOME

    Moving along....

    (I don't own any rights to Eva)

    Spoilers to Rbuild 2.0

    a little bit ^_^

    The lights flickered in the apartment hallways. Hikari tried to support the weight of the younger girl beside her as they made their way to the elevator. Hikari felt that something wasn't right. She couldn't understand what the deal with those people around her was.

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