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Started out as FLCL, then it became something else. It's just Robert-33, what can I say?

  1. Humanity Contemplations
    - Volume 1:
    - When Ashes Fall in June.


    Don't say anything. Just listen to the sirens.
    These things are sometimes obvious, much
    like the coming of the demon lord. The sky is
    orange, darkening. It's time to go home.

  2. Humanity Contemplations - Volume 2:
    When it all falls apart:

    (1) Not what you think:
    Ashes lightly falling on the landscape of a dream.
    Flowers watered silently by tears.
    What I see, you do not see; that is the difference
    between you and me.
    Shake a fist so angrily. When the night comes, you
    will see. But you'll never repay what you did to me.
    I just...I just wanted to be good! To turn my back
    on all the wicked things and live the way my life
    was meant to be.
    You thought your lies could bury me. But the truth

  3. Eva Verses - Minimal Concept:

    1 - (Stand. Walk. Fall Down. Die.):
    It's so cold, but the world is growing brighter.
    The transmission is soon to end. (Keep your eyes on the glove in the storm.)
    This is a sign of things to come. (Once it comes, it comes again.)
    They are going to lie about this. (What did you expect - the truth?)
    This time it will be digital; touch the fire, remain unburned. (But I feel it, I feel it! Oh, the ice, it burns!)

    2 - (War in the Pacific):

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