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 The chains that bind us can be many things; Duty to ones superior, lust for ones lover, hatred of ones family, or overweening pride... In this case they happen to be metal, and probably a little kinky.

  1. Chains that Bind


    Eva and its characters are the intellectual property of Hideaki Anno and Gainax. I don't even own a decent pair of kinky cuffs. Damn....

    quot;Ugh-- This really sucks!quot; Asuka's eyes were closed, her eyebrows furrowed in irritation as she stood leaning up against the metallic wall as the NERV elevator ascended. Her hands were resolutely folded behind her head forcing her blue haired companion to stand awkwardly with one dainty right hand held up, connected as it were to the redhead's left by a pair of shiny handcuffs.

  2. "Ha! Found it!" Asuka crowed exultantly, holding up a key briefly before fiddling around with the cuff links around her wrist. Misato had gone out, presumably to pick up the dual synchronization training equipment left back at the Geofront. The fiery redhead took the opportunity to ransack the Major's room in search of the key to her freedom.

    Rei looked on as her companion worked her way free, an inscrutable expression on her face. Asuka pointedly ignored her.

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