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Nearly half a century ago, the #0066cc;">King of the Monsters was sealed in a volcano and forgotten. Now, in the wake of Second Impact, the monster has returned. If that wasn't bad enough, a mysterious organization has emerged with the sole purpose of destroying NERV. Can NERV survive?

  1. Beast vs. King

    By CyberXIII

    I don't own Evangelion, nor do I own the other monster who will be unnamed until the end of the chapter.

    Chapter 1- Huge Shadow.

  2. Chapter 2-The Raging Mad Godzilla.

    Hope you enjoy this long, long fight scene here.

    To avoid certain complications, namely from the Asuka lovers, no, I don't hate Asuka. Don't worry, she'll get hers later.

    And before you mention it, yes, charging recklessly like that is very much in character for her. She'll get better, though.

    After all, every dog has her day.

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