Broken People



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I'll be putting the various oneshots here, starting with a "shinji goes berzerk outside of the plug" fic with what I hope is a slightly original resolution.

  1. Broken People

    Misato stared at the computer screen. quot;This is only numbers. Translate for me, Ritz.quot;

    quot;It means there may have been some contamination between Shinji and the Eva. Or it may be nothing, a sunspot, or after effects of Iruel, when it invaded the MAGI. Whatever the cause, it's small. I just want you to watch him, make sure nothing unusual is going on.quot;

    quot;What if he is contaminated? we don't have a lot of options.quot;

    Ritsuko sighed. quot;I know. We'll talk to Fuyutsuki if that time comes.quot;

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