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In the year 2000 an event known as the Second Impact was triggered in the icy southern polar land of Antarctica unleashing a powerful force that would forever change the history of Earth as one-half of the population slipped quietly into the embrace of death and brought chaos to the world. Though seventeen years have passed the beings that were predicted by the Dead Sea scrolls to come have not appeared, those who once counted on them for an evolution of man into god lay forgotten each slain in silence by those with greater power and the insanity they sought to bring about for so long never to occur. "Though time continues its relentless course, if the individual chose the path it took, would it be too much to ask for the meaning behind it all?"

  1. A Knight's Revolution

    Stage One: Genesis of a Rebellion

    "In the year 2000 as humanity stood on the cusp of a new age of discovery a research team led by the famed Dr. Katsuragi privately funded by a mysterious group known only as SEELE traveled to the southern pole of Earth located in the icy barrens of Antarctica, initially believing they might find some new fossils or perhaps relics of a by-gone civilization but what awaited them in that snowy hell was something far more dangerous.

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