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Mst of Children of an Elder God

  1. Standard Disclaimer!!!

    It's been about a year since I last said this but... I GOT THE GREEN LIGHT!!
    Yes that's correct, I got the green light for the mst of Children of an Elder
    God. This will be the second mst saga I'm going to do, and it will be a massive

    In chapter length and number it overshadows TOILI, so take plenty of breaks,
    drink plenty of fluids and keep yourself entertained!

    And as always I don't own the rights to the story or eva so...don't look to me
    for legal matters.

  2. The Standard Disclaimer!!!

    Lot of mayhem going on about plagerism and stealing work...mostly due to
    the unauthorized new ending of TOILI, but let me assure you I DID GET
    PERMISSION!! He he sorry, couldn't help it.

    I just moved into my new apartment but I HAVE NO JOB!!! No new anime,
    games, :( , anyway I wanna ask you guys something

  3. Standard Disclaimer!!

    I own nothing of Evangelion...specially the EoE dvd. (not out yet)

    But if I did, you can be assured you'd never have heard of it :)
    As I don't, you have! (that don't not make no sense)

    The saga moves well. Sorry for the delay but with my new schedule,
    finding time to write is harder.

    Hope you like it and I hope get some reviews from you (PLEASE!!!)

    Maya: Feeling better Shinji-kun?

    Shinji: I feel a few pounds lighter.

  4. Standard Disclaimer!

    As I have no job I haven't been able to swindle the rights of Evangelion way from Gianax. Stupid economic slump. And thanks to lots of projects I've been negligent in my msts and original stories...gomen. But I stand before you in text. I don't want ya pitty... I just want ya understanding!

    I'll keep trying and It really does help motivate me to write more.

    ENOUGH! I've whined enough time to mst.


    Kensuke: So what did you hear?

  5. The ZENTRODIE disclaimer!!

    I, being nothing more than a poor mster, own nothing, but I am
    Mearly biding my time until I can steal ownership rights! Then
    You will all BOW to me!

    Ah, I feel better. To those of you that even know that I write
    Original fics don't fret I'll be going back to the routine after
    this chapter.-*-

    Enough of the jibba jabba I need work! Um...I mean I'm starting.


    Asuka: You better have a damn good story about that damn welt on your

  6. Standard Disclaimer!

    Wow, been a while since I last put out a chapter of this mst. Sorry
    about that. Life has been kinda hectic and it won't get any easier for
    me for at least a few months. I hope you can put up with me for that

    I shall try to get at least one thing out every 2 weeks.


    Misato: Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!

    Asuka: Bring it on geek!

    Kensuke: You're not match for my military prowess!

    Mana: Two thousand yen on Aida!

  7. Standard Disclaimer!

    Hey been lil while since I last msted this fic. Sorry bout that but
    time delays do exist. Plus, now I have to move again...sigh. Oh well
    hope you like this mst ^_^

    And look for me at ACEN this year again!


    Touji: So what did we miss?

    Rei: The doctor making sick comments.

    Hikari: Really?

    Shinji: Just a few off color remarks about the movie.

    Touji/Hikari: Movie?

    Misato: Yup, real odd one too. Not bad though.

  8. Standard Disclaimer!

    Well it#039;s been awhile since I updated this mst. And to be honest I#039;m still intimidated by
    it. Friggen thing is huge! But I won#039;t lose! I will mst! I will overcome!

    He he, well as with most stuff lately I have nothing else really to say at the moment so,

    Hikari: Wow it#039;s getting late isn#039;t it.

    Asuka: How long were we playing that game?

    Shinji: Very long.

    Asuka: And who won? The girl! Take that males!

  9. Standard Disclaimer

    Another big chapter so grab a few sodas, bag of chips, and hunker down for the long

    I#039;ll try my best to keep things funny and moving at a steady pace.
    Wish me luck cause it#039;ll be best for you.


    Asuka: Where is she!

    Misato: Calm down Asuka. It was you girls that just HAD to ship Shinji off.

    Asuka: We couldn#039;t trust you not to try and do something to him!

    Misato: And what did I do when I got home?

    Asuka: Slept on his bed.

  10. Standard Disclaimer!!

    Well its been awhile since the last installment of this mst and for that I#039;m sorry. But you have
    to admit reading one of these msted chapters is hard doing so imagine writing one ^_^,

    I#039;m hoping you#039;re still enjoying these and know that I#039;m enjoying writing them so...its hopefully
    a win-win situation once I#039;m finished.

    Oh and if you look I#039;m about 50% done with what is currently written by the authors! So I#039;m
    catching up! He he.


  11. Standard Disclaimer!

    Wow really been long time since I did a mst. To be honest the reason
    was I fairly nasty review I got on this one in particular and got me
    thinking, ;Maybe I suck at all forms of writing.; Then I remembered I
    write to have fun and not for approval and well I#039;m back ^_^

  12. Standard Disclaimer!

    Yeah its been awhile since the last mst of this story but when you get
    started reading it you#039;ll understand why. It#039;s friggen HUGE! It started
    at 67 pages before I added anything. So...grab a coke and some chips
    cause you#039;ll be reading for awhile.

    Hope you enjoy


    Hikari: Guys, hello anybody home?

    Misato/Ritsuko: Sorry we have to run...something bad has happened!

    Hikari: They didn#039;t kill Kensuke did they?

  13. Dark Scribes Disclaimer!

    That#039;s right this should probably only be seen on DarkScribes. Been a
    while since I last used that disclaimer but as you read this you
    know...this is ONE BIG STORY. And yes I did get permission to mst it.

    Well lets make with the funny


    Shinji: This book is really interesting.

    Asuka: Shinji, do you HAVE to read it? Can#039;t you lie about it?

    Kensuke/Touji: Shinji lie?

    Asuka: Well, we could lie for you.

    Rei: Who are you to give me orders?

  14. DarkScribes disclaimer!

    Been awhile hasn#039;t it? Sorry about that been caught up in my other
    stories and was worried about how to handle the next two chapters. As
    you may know this story is heavily influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and
    these next two chapters are RIPE with the stuff...So I had to plan how to
    do it.

    Sorry for the wait and I hope you enjoy this installment.


    Asuka: So what are we going to play again?

    Touji: Wasn#039;t it your job to chose the game red?

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