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Takes place after End of Evangelion. Shinji, having been handed the fate of humanity, makes a decision on how he wants the world to be shaped. But all will not be as pleasant as he would want. Lemon, in later chapters. Quite a few ACCs in there, but Shinji, Asuka, Rei, and the gang still exist.

  1. Moo for Disclaimers: I do not own Evangelion and the characters contained therein, however, I do feel I have ownership of any and all new characters I introduce. Of course, none of that matters, because I have no intention of making any money off of this anyway o.O


  2. Moo for Disclaimers again: I do not own Evangelion and the characters contained therein.


    "Baka! I swear you are so slow, Shinji." The red-headed female grumbled as she watched Shinji languidly walk towards the bus. Blue eyes trained on him every step of the way, Asuka tapped her foot impatiently. For some reason, the sound of her shoes slapping the sidewalk stood out to Shinji more than anything.

  3. Disclaimer: I don't own Evangelion and the characters contained therein. I don't feel like being cute right now, I have a headache -_- On with the show!


    "Hey, did you hear? A young woman asked the man accompanying her on the streets of Tokyo-3

    "Hear what? The man queried as the young woman clung to his arm tight.

  4. Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion nor do I own the characters contained within, except for Satoru. He"~s mine....moo.


  5. Disclaimer: Oi. I don't own Evangelion. Satoru and Yuu are mine, though. Mine I say! I'll only say that once! *waves pointy stick* Eh?


  6. Disclaimer: Evangelion = Not Mine. However, the characters I have created for this fic belong to! The Lord of all Penguins! Right, PenPen? Oh, I should warn you now, this chapter can be a bit confusing...the scenes jump around during the day, but I think if you think about it, you can piece it together ^^ Think "Pulp Fiction and you'll be fine.

  7. Disclaimer: I don't own Eva or anything like that. I do own my own created characters though, but why you would want, I don't even wanna think about it >>; nasty. Also, extreme thanks to Jabberwok for ridin' through my BS for so long. Kudos man.


  8. Author's Notes: Okay, here it is. Chapter 8. I hope you enjoyed the ride so far, and to those who have and continue to come back, I thank you. Please, review and let me know how I'm doing ^^; I need it.


  9. Author's Notes: Aww yeah. Lemme say I love this chapter. That's all. Go for it!

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