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Agent Shinji Ikari races against time to stop a deadly serial killer, but he still has to deal with Dr. Asuka Sohryu. EVA/Silence of the Lambs crossover.

  1. FBI trainee Shinji Ikari gradually followed the orderly through the inner depths of the insane asylum.

    The hallways were sterile white at first; but as they proceeded deeper into the dark institution, faded bricks began to replace those clean walls. The people around the two were more alert compared to the people in the outer areas, where the patients had only mild cases of mental illness.

    He was being escorted to their worst "patient."

  2. "Hello" Dr. Sohryu said mischievously.

    She gave him a cute smile.

    'God, does she sound sexy!' He thought in quick appraisal; but Shinji knew he had to display a professional personality; especially to this one.

    He started talking in a calm manner.

    "Good morning Dr. Sohryu, my name is Shinji Ikari of the FBI. May I speak with you?"

    She tilted her head slightly; never once letting the cute smile disappear from her face. There was silence between the two for a few seconds; then she finally answered with a question.

  3. *************************************************************

    "Interesting..." Shinji whispered to himself.

    After reporting back to Director Fuyutsuki, he was ordered to investigate into 'Mrs. Mofet.' But first, Shinji decided to research more into Dr. Asuka Sohryu's dark history. At the moment, he was looking through newspaper articles on one of the library's micro-fiche viewing machines.

    It was proving to be interesting.

  4. At the FBI academy at Quantico, Virginia...

    "So Agent Ikari, what have you found out about our mystery lady?"

    Shinji Ikari was seated before FBI director Fuyutsuki's desk. He had pulled an all-nighter to come up with this breakthrough, and was about to report it to his superior. At the moment, Fuyutsuki was patiently sitting behind his desk waiting to hear the information. The old man had his elbows on his desk and his chin rested on his intertwined knuckles.

    Unknowingly to Fuyutsuki, it reminded Shinji of his father...

  5. In Quantico, Virginia...

    A road near the FBI academy...

    This was a bad night for Shinji.

    He had been soaked with the rain.

    Found a decapitated body.


    And saw HER again.

    He needed sleep.

  6. Mrs. Tillsbury was a frail ninety-year old woman.

    And very senile...

    With her wizen-white hair and red-only wardrobe, she certainly would stand out in a crowd.

    She was a lady often described by the few people that know her as an 'oddball hag,' mainly because of all the rabbits she keeps as pets.

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