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Evangelion/Event Horizon fusion. When Shinji and the Second Branch were lost in the Seas of Dirac, they went somewhere... else. Something has come back with them.

  1. Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion is the property of Gainax. Event Horizon is the property of Paramount and Impact Pictures. I'm making no profit from using either license as the basis of this story, and although I understand that they were never intended to be mixed, the idea seemed too good to pass up.

    Gateway -- An Evangelion/Event Horizon fusion by Rubberchicken

    Chapter 1: Rescue Mission

  2. Disclaimer: Neither Neon Genesis Evangelion nor Event Horizon are my property. That honor goes to Gainax, Paramount, and Impact Pictures. I'm making no monetary profit off of this story. So don't sue me.

    Chapter 2: Echoes

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