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A Shinji/Asuka romantic retelling of EVA, beginning shortly before the Tenth Angel.

  1. 'Can't those two get along for even five minutes?' Misato wondered, inwardly sighing at the immature behavior of her two charges. Both seemed determined to prove yet again the accuracy of their designation; Children.

    Misato, Ritsuko, and the three pilots were assembled in the test plug monitoring room. The Children had just taken a harmonics test, and were now only waiting for the blonde scientist to tell them if they could go.

  2. "Damn Akagi." Asuka muttered, glancing up impatiently at the clock on the far wall.

    Sitting next to the fiery redhead on the living room couch, Shinji didn't know whether to laugh or sigh. After a moment, he settled on neither one, simply smiling slightly at the entire situation. It wasn't that wide of a smile, though.

    The near-euphoric mood that had gripped the two pilots at Headquarters had begun to fade somewhat not long after they'd gotten home. They'd passed the first test of today, but both pilots were aware that another was coming shortly.

  3. "The Angel appeared about two minutes ago." Hyuga said. On screen in front of him was a map of the Angel's last known position; directly over the East Indian Ocean.

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