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After the twelfth angel, Shinji finds himself in a world where everyone is acting strange. Asuka is loving him, his father cares, PenPen feds himself. OOC? You bet...

This was my first fic ever. Don't say, I didn't warn you...

  1. Shinji stirred in the hospital bed. He remembered being captured inside the twelfth angel, the energy of the EVA's life support systems running out.

    He had been waiting for death to come.

    But he had not died. Shinji couldn't remember how he had escaped but he remembered seeing Misato after the plug had been opened, just before he had lost consciousness yet again.

    Seems it was now about time to face the 'unfamiliar ceiling' once again.

    Slowly, he opened his eyes.

  2. Revise Notes:
    Yes, I've finally revised this. More or less. Not very much improvements actually. Okay, I've just ran a spellchecker over it and only edited a few things here and there. Hey, I'm always telling you that I'm lazy.

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