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A first person look at what it's like to be a Child... from Shinji's point of view.

  1. My name is Shinji Ikari. I want to start my story with an image of me on the run. Sounds pretty dramatic, right? Maybe it would be if I weren't on the run from my roommate and fellow Evangelion pilot Asuka Langley Souryu.

    It had started out as an average day at school, except for the fact that it was really hot - so hot that everyone had stayed inside for lunch, including Rei Ayanami, who normally chose a quiet, secluded spot to eat her lunch in private.

  2. "Not bad, Shinji," Misato Katsuragi's voice came over the voice link, "you're getting closer to Asuka."

    It was four days after the Great War, as Kensuke and Touji were calling it, though what was so great about it I didn't know. I had been in the test plug for two hours already, and I still had one to go... so I didn't feel too enthusiastic.

  3. There is something about risking your life with the same people all the time that forms a certain bond to them. This isn't exactly a profound or original thought, but as me, Asuka, and Rei ran onto the paintball field and dashed into our base, it occurred to me how close I had grown to them on a certain level... how I felt like I knew what they needed and how they would react.

  4. One nice thing about making your own lunch and bringing it to school is that you never have to eat cafeteria food. Fortunately, I've only had to eat the 'food' in our cafeteria once or twice.

    To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know we HAD a cafeteria until Touji (who else?) pointed it out to me one day when I forgot my lunch.

    It was my first bout with food poisoning.

    One thing that was nice about the cafeteria, though, was that it offered us the chance to sit and look at all the pretty girls while we ate... umm, I mean study while we ate... yeah, study.

  5. My heart was racing a mile a minute, "Kiss me, Ikari..." Rei whispered, leaning close to me, "I need it..."

    We were in my room, and it was late at night. How we got there, I honestly could not remember - nor did I truly care as her red eyes drifted closer to me. "Ayanami..." I breathed, "I... I need it, too..." I reached out and put my hands on the sides of her face, pulling her closer.

    Just before her lips met mine... my face met the floor. "Damn," I whispered, "what a time to wake up!"

  6. "WHY ME!?" I yelled, as the shelf collapsed, spilling cardboard boxes all over the floor.

    I looked around, praying that no one I knew was in the store... it was the only one of my prayers that was answered that day. Seeing no one, I quickly scooped up the boxes and shoved them back on the shelf, turning a color normally associated with roses.

    I grabbed a few more items while I was in the store (mostly to camouflage what I had tucked under my arm) and hurried to the front.

  7. "You know something?" Kensuke asked, grinning broadly, "Some days it's good to be alive!"

    I just nodded, blushing deeply and wondering how he could find it in himself to speak where there was so much to look at!

    "Hey Shinji," Touji said casually, "let me make an introduction for you. Shinji: breasts, breasts: Shinji. Now that you're on speaking terms you can stop staring, eh?" He laughed as I dropped my eyes from where they had been observing an attractive young lady's... ummm... bathing suit.

    -How does he do that??- I thought, -I was subtle... wasn't I?-

  8. So after that, everything was smooth sailing. The angels stopped attacking, Mistuki and I got married, my father apologized for being so cold to me, and Asuka finally stopped teasing me every day.

    Basically, life was perfect!

    Ok... it was the Asuka bit that tipped my hand, wasn't it? I thought the part about my father was the most 'creative,' but let's face it... I'm a lousy liar.

  9. "Hey! Shinji!! OVER HERE!!!"

    I blushed as Mistuki's slender arm raised up out of the line of moviegoers and waved emphatically. "Coming!" I replied, hurrying over to her and stepping in next to her as quickly as I could, trying to avoid eye-contact with the many curious onlookers.

    As I stared at my feet, Mitsuki giggled, slipping her hand into mine. "I've been looking for anyone we know," she said with a grin, squeezing my hand, "it's ok, there's no one around."

    She laughed again as I let out a relieved sigh.

  10. "...doesn't make me look too fat, right?"

    I paused in the hallway, one foot in the air, and frowned as Asuka's voice came to me from the living room.

    "Well, maybe a bit," came the playful reply, "but only your butt, the rest-"


    I shook myself, lowering my foot (with the shoe still on it) and headed further into the house as Asuka's voice went on.

    "Come on, this is important!"

    "Ok!" Misato's voice replied, obviously laughing. "It doesn't... really, it looks nice."

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