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Three months have passed and NERV is rebuilding itself and Tokyo-3, while Shinji tries to come to terms with his own feelings and with the people around him. Rei tries to find her identity and her place in the scheme of things. And Asuka has to face synch test with Unit-02 again. Will she have the strength to get through with it?

Commander Ikari has ordered the regeneration of Unit-00, perhaps anticipating a strike from SEELE. But will NERV be ready in time? Will Shinji find the motivation he is searching for? Will Misato and Ritsuko put aside their feelings about Project-E and work for the common goal, or will risk everything in search of the truth? And who is this Agent Nakayima? How will he fit into the equation?

  1. Notes: insert legal disclaimer here. Yeah, yeah, I'm too lazy to write one myself. Now, the main reason for re-writing this is that, well, you know something is bad when you can't go back and read your own stuff without cringing. It also gives a chance to further develop some of the themes and symbols that didn't quite work out. Is this cheating? Yeah, probably. But this is the internet so whatever. I did have trouble trying to figure out if I wanted to publish this as a new story, since there is going to be a massive amount of new material,

  2. Evangelion Genocide

    By: Rommel


    It was seven o'clock in the morning and still raining when Maya Ibuki rang the bell of Misato Katsuragi's apartment. The door slid open to reveal the dark-haired Major standing behind it. Misato looked at Maya with sleepy eyes.

    Misato was surprised to see the brown-haired 'doctor' soaking wet and shivering at her door. Maya, too, was surprised, mainly because the Major was only wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tank top that barely contained her breasts.

  3. Evangelion Genocide

    By: Rommel


    Misato got home feeling more dead than alive. She wanted nothing more than to slump down on her bed and sleep, a luxury she rarely had, but as soon as she entered her apartment, Misato realized that this might not be possible after all.

    The Major closed the door behind her, took off her shoes on the landing, and walked into the living room. Asuka lay on her belly in front of the TV set, resting her chin on her hands, oblivious to Misato's entrance.

  4. Evangelion Genocide.

    By: Rommel.

    Major Misato Katsuragi sat in the cubicle that passed for her office. Her desk, usually stacked high with paperwork, was now empty. Misato leaned forward on her chair, and rested her head on the desk, folding her arms underneath it as a pillow and closed her eyes. She was tired, more tired than she had felt since the Angels had stopped showing up. She could go home, Misato thought to herself, but then she would have to face the fallout.

  5. Evangelion Genocide

    By: Rommel

  6. Evangelion Genocide

    By: E. Rommel.

    Major Misato Katsuragi gazed at the visual feed with almost childish interest. She took in the images of the UN Army tanks and anti-aircraft batteries, along with a wide range of SAM positions and artillery emplacements that sprawled across the south and southwest of Japan's peninsula.

  7. Evangelion Genocide

    By: Rommel.


    "Well, the synch-ratio has finally settled down." Hyouga said, typing away on his computer console. "56.76%. It took a nosedive since the first test last week, but it appears stable enough."

    Misato Katsuragi looked away from the operator and focused on the entry-plug simulators located in the huge room opposite the glass window.

    "At least it's something." She said. "Dr. Akagi expected the synch-ratio to drop, anyway."

  8. 'K, time for the notes: let's see, this is the Beta edition of Chapter 08, but there will be no major changes (once the spelling and grammar have been dealt with). Thanks go to Weltall Elite, Joedoebell, Alnilam, Rev'd, BMgang and Shin for all the collaboration. The Genocide re-write is almost done, so what's here is what'll go into the final version.

    Evangelion Genocide

    By: Rommel

  9. Evangelion Genocide

    By: Rommel


  10. Evangelion: Genocide

    By: Rommel

    'Look at the fireworks, Mama!' the little child exclaimed in an excited voice.

    'I see them, aren't they pretty?' the parent replied, holding the child's hand.

    The child nodded. 'What are they celebrating?'

    'Christmas,' came the reply.

    'What's that?'

    'It's the birth of their Savior,' the parent answered. 'They celebrate it every year. This is your first Christmas, isn't it?'

  11. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide

    By: Rommel


    "Never build your emotional life on the weaknesses of others."

    -George Santayana.

    Genocide 0:11 / Nightfall


  12. Gentle reader: Yes. You are not seeing things. This is really a new chapter, as of 11/21/2006. I'll admit that didn't intend for it to take this long to put out another chapter, but here we are. Didn't get this to my pre-readers because it just sitting in my computer kinda irks me when it's been so long between updates. I hope you think it was worth it. Joedoebell is, I hope, still looking at this, and I will update if any major changes are made, I promise. Now, the more observant readers will probably note the change in narrator from previous chapters into an third

  13. Well, somehow I made my self-imposed deadline of a summer chapter. This is a beta because Alni is still looking at it and hopefully will have a fully proof-read version soon (Oh, no pressure at all). Thanks go to Arkiel and Big D. for the pre-reading. Standard disclaimer applies and blah, blah, blah. Like the previous chapter, there are several themes and symbols here, but other than saying the main themes are growing up and responsibility I don't want to elaborate. The reader should draw his/her own conclusions. And if you still want to know, you can email me or something.

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