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After defeating his enemies and keeping his promise to the woman he loves, Naruto's life is happier than ever before. Life, however, can shatter even the strongest of men.....

  1. To Live is So Much Harder.... A/N :

    I don't own Naruto, if I did, he'd give up on that Uchiha bastard and the pink-haired banshee!


    quot;Sorry! Excuse me!quot; a yellow streak apologized as it rushed through the crowded streets of Konoha on the cool, crisp morning. Onlookers stared in wide-eyed wonder before they could register what or who exactly it was that was disturbing them, but once they realized exactly who it was, most of them merely grinned and shook their heads before continuing their way. quot;Look out!quot;

  2. To Live is So Much Harder.....

    Chapter 2

    A/N: I still don't own Naruto! Bummer!





    quot;What?quot; he gasped as he looked into the eyes of his loving wife, only to see that she refused to look back into his. quot;Please tell me it isn"~t true,quot; Sakura refused to answer him.

    quot;Why?quot; he turned back toward his brother and stormed over to him. His heart felt like someone had stabbed him in the heart with a dull kunai. quot;Why would you two do this to me?quot;

  3. To Live Is so Much Harder....

    Chapter 3

    Naruto slowly opened the door to the house he and his wife had, until very recently, so happily shared. It hurt his chest to walk through the doors and to see all the memories that they had made in the past five years.

  4. Chapter 4

    "Come in! Tsunade barked as she lifted her head from her desk, her head pounding slightly from the ungodly amount of sake she had consumed earlier in the day. The loud knocking on the door hadn't helped the situation. She looked up as the door opened and watched her hand picked successor walk into her office. "Hey, Naruto! How's the family?

  5. To lIve is so Much Harder......


    I don't own Naruto, so don't sue me! I'm a poor man and it would just waste your time!

    Chapter 5

  6. To Live is So Much Harder.... A/N : I still don't own Naruto! Whaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!Chapter 6

  7. To Live is So Much Harder... Disclaimer: don't own it, probably never will! Chapter 7

    quot;Hey, how are you doing?quot; Sasuke asked as he and Sakura were walking down the street towards her and Naruto's house. They left the baby in the hospital so that Shizune could check him out. He had cried so much his first few days that they were worried that something was wrong with him. Shizune promised that she would take good care of him and she would call them the moment that they learned anything.

  8. To Live is So Much Harder.... Chapter 8 A/N

    quot;My brother,quot; whispered Gaara as the redheaded Kazekage laid his hand upon Naruto's head. His sister stood by his side, as did her fianc?(C) as all three gazed sadly upon the countenance of the stricken Toad Sage. quot;What have they done to you?quot;

  9. To Live is So Much Harder.... Chapter 9

    quot;Daddy, could you please tell me what's wrong? I've never seen you like this before! Is Naruto alright?quot; Ino begged as she and her mother did everything they could to calm down a rather distraught Inochi. The eldest blonde merely sat at the table, his eyes wide and his hands trembling as he took sip after sip of the chamomile tea that his wife had made for him. It had always worked before to calm him down after rough missions, so she hoped that it would do the trick once more.

  10. To Live is So Much Harder...

    Chapter 10

    Ino took a deep breath and willed her heart to stop racing as she stepped through the portal into deep, vast darkness before her. She had never seen anything so black, so forbidding. Of all the minds that she had invaded in the past, Naruto's mind was the one that frightened her the most.

  11. To Live is So Much Harder...

    Chapter 11


    quot;Are you sure you're ready to take another go at Naruto's mind?quot; Tsunade asked, concern for her adopted grandson clearly evident in her voice. Inochi's heart went out to the Hokage, knowing full well how close lady Tsunade was to the Toad Sage. quot;I don't want to lose you if the Fox gets out of hand!quot;

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