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Collection of msts that have follow the mst of Children of an Elder God. Currently Should a Chance Be Taken by Random -chapter 7 uploaded'

  1. Standard Disclaimer!!

    This fic, being that of a darkscribe, is to remain on the ds website or anime haven. If you
    found it elsewhere send that person a nasty email about his pet donkey.

    Well as you ppl probably know, I#039;ve been slacking off on both msts and original stories.
    Sorry about that but it can#039;t be helped. I#039;m overburdened with classes and work. But
    worry not, things are slowly getting back to normal.

    So without further ado I bring you the final installment of the Quarantine Saga

  2. Darkscribe Disclaimer!

    As this is a mst of a DS fic, no coping! Please tell me that ya found it on either the DS
    page or on my own, Anime Haven.

    To those who think I abandoned msting CoaEG, don#039;t fret I#039;m working on it now. The
    latest chapter is at currently at 20%. Well I#039;m moving...again so things will be odd for a
    while. Hope you bear with me.


    Ritsuko: What do you think they#039;re doing?

    Misato: Setting up the punishment chair I suppose.

  3. Standard Disclaimer...well DS disclaimer just to be accurate

    This fic, is msted for DarkScribes. ONLY! Well that and my website but I#039;ve been
    negligent in updating my poor abused site.

  4. D.S. disclaimer!

    As this fic is of D.S. origin it should be seen only on Darkscribes...so no stealing!
    He he he, well I#039;m still slow in the updates but I#039;m still trying. Please bear with me.

    Well nothing else really to say this time.

    Asuka: That#039;s it. I#039;ve seen enough. We question him.

    Ritsuko: We already knew that.

    Misato: You question him when he gets a new shirt.

    Hikari: Why do you do that?

    Asuka: Some new girl could have given it to him!

  5. Darkscribes disclaimer!

    If your not reading this on darkscribes or Anime Haven...than somebody is a no good
    thief! Hunt them down with rusty razors and care my name into their forehead! Ok...a bit
    much, sorry.

    I#039;m still plugging along hope you still like it...well that#039;s all.


    Rei: How did the interrogation go?

    Asuka: Um...

    Hikari: Asuka, did they confess?

    Asuka: About that.

  6. Standard Disclaimer!

    Well my job change is moving swiftly but so is the upcoming fall semester at my
    university...sigh my time is never my own. Hopefully I#039;ll be able to get more writing
    done this semester than last.

    Well enough whining time to make with the funny.


    Misato: I understand the straps but Rei...the gags?

    Asuka: Wait they#039;re waking up.

    Shinji/Maya: MMmmph!

    Rei smiles softly.

  7. Darkscribes Disclaimer!

    Well its been awhile since the last update on this mst and...well I have no other excuse
    save the one I#039;ve been using since this semester started. Finding time to write is a hard
    thing to do. With all my other work/writing some will just have to wait a bit. But I#039;m
    getting back to things so hope you like it.

    And Hopefully you had/have a happy X-mas and New Years!!


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