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The life that Harry Potter dreamed of after the death of Lord Voldemort was within his grasp. Until the world around him fell appart again.

  1. There are few things in this universe that never die. Love, compassion, truth, and evil. And to the people of the Empire of Jurai, nothing is more evil than someone who is capable of mastering the skills needed to be a Sorcerer of the Landorian Empire. While it is impossible for anyone of either race to achieve this power, there are other people from other planets who can be found to harness the power.

  2. December 24, 2000

    No one really gave a second glance at the man in the corner of the Leaky Cauldron. True, he was rather tall, and dressed in a long, black, hooded traveling cloak, but he'd not said anything to anyone. In fact, the crowd in the tavern was so small and the mood so light, that nearly anyone would go unnoticed.

  3. Summer. It was always summer when life seemed to be the worst for Harry. Memories of school breaks at Number four, waiting...summer gave Harry the feeling of being trapped. This summer was by far the worst he could ever remember. It was nothing but day after day of heat. A sudden downpour would most certainly be welcomed, even a out of season blizzard would be all right with him. The grass was parched, and a steady haze hung over London like a shroud.

  4. Harry and Ginny had elected to leave number twelve, Grimmuald place. It really was to large, and it held to many memories that were unpleasant. They had recently moved into a townhouse, not to far from the Leaky Cauldron. It was hidden, almost exactly as number twelve, but it was far warmer and more like home than the House of Black had ever seemed. However, when one looked out the windows of five-twenty-five, Phillips Avenue, they only saw a semi-busy London street.

  5. Summer, 2009

  6. July 2010

  7. Kaida's excitement only grew the next Tuesday, when Yosho took her into town to purchase her school supplies. Indeed, she had never really been into most parts of Okayama, and when she and Yosho headed down the stairs into an old train station, her curiosity grew. "Where are we going, Uncle?"

  8. Before going to Shinsen, Kaida had worried how far behind she would be her classmates. This was proving to be unnecessary, as she seemed to catch on very quickly. True, she was used to classes in math, science, literature, and English, but the classes she was in now, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Transfiguration, and Curses and Counter-curses, seemed far more enjoyable.

  9. Caspian Welks Jurai had always hated his grandfather. Narmer Welks's father, Sandera Welks, had been one of the most evil men in existence, according to Caspian. He ran his family with an iron fist, and had bullied all of his sons, including Narmer to the point where they often wondered why their mother had ever loved him. The youngest of the three brothers, whom Caspian was named after, had been killed in an accident when he was nearly fourteen. The remaining brother, Lyancer, had been shoved into an arranged marriage and wasn't heard

  10. Early Summer, 2014

  11. Late Summer, 2014

    Eleven year old Mariah Potter yawned and sat up. Sunlight was streaming through the windows of her room, making it warm and bright. She stretched, and rose from the bed. The small clock on her dresser told her it was shortly after eight in the morning. Throwing on her dressing gown and slippers, she opened the door of her room, went into the hallway and down the stairs.

    "Good morning, Mariah." Harry called from the kitchen. "You're up early for a Saturday."

  12. Summer 2015

  13. Harry looked back at the photograph, and then back at Mayuka. He didn't know to scream, faint, or start firing questions at her. This wasn't how he'd planned for things to happen the day Lily was finally found. The only thing that came close to the feeling he had now was the night Hagrid appeared in the doorway on his eleventh birthday.

  14. Harry had gone back to the Ministry after departing from the small pub. Ginny and Mariah had gone back to the apartment to pack. Harry didn't know why, but he knew that Mariah had to come with them, and not stay behind at her grandparents. There was little work for him to do, and what there was, it could wait. Harry gathered up a few papers that were sitting on his desk, stuffed them into a folder, and then pulled the file cabinet open. As he was stuffing the folder inside, a knock caused him to turn.

  15. Dinner at the Masaki house had been a very short, and rather hurried event. The six of them were not very hungry, and conversation did not seem something that could take place. Washu had retreated to her lab for the night, given the hour. Strangely enough, even though it seemed to all of them that it was very early, they had all gone to sleep at midnight. Mariah had not wanted to share a room with her parents, so she had elected to sleep in Mayuka's room.

  16. After breakfast, Harry went out to stand in front of the pictures again. It was rather amazing, he mused. It was amazing...with the exception of her hair color, Lily resembled his mother greatly. This became more and more apparent as the pictures progressed forward in years. By the time she was, what Harry assumed was thirteen, she looked nearly identical to her. Lily had her mother's smile, and in her eyes, he caught a glimpse of the impish glint of her uncles.

  17. Harry and Ginny sat on one couch, Mariah asleep between them. Ryoko sat on the other couch, supporting Mayuka on her shoulder. Tenchi stood at the window, glaring out into the late night sky. Yosho leaned against the wall, frowning. Washu stood behind the couch, her back to the room. "This is not going to be an easy task." Yosho's voice broke through the silence. "The Landorians attacked a Jurian Research station seven light years from Pluto two days ago, cutting long distance communication with Jurai off." He lifted his chin. "This also means

  18. Mayuka leaned against the window of her room, watching the four adults outside. She assumed that the tall, lanky red-haired man now standing with her parents and Harry had to be Ron Weasley. She'd watched Mrs. Potter and Mariah leave, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she would be alone in the house with just Nana and Uncle Yosho. No one had spoken to her all morning, the only contact she'd had was when a tray of food was left outside her door. Mayuka knew she couldn't make any of them understand, not yet.

  19. Kaida had fallen asleep in the middle of the journey to wherever they were going. Exhaustion had overridden her fear. When she woke up, she was in a room, but unlike last time, it had no resemblance to a cell. She pulled herself up into a sit, and looked around. Kaida had been placed on a very large and very soft futon in front of a fire. The floor itself was highly polished, and resembled smoky quartz. It was an oddly shaped room, appearing to be somewhat trapezoidal.

  20. Harry wasn't sure if Tenchi's assessment on how far down the bottom was had been correct or not. It probably hadn't been the projected fifty feet, that he knew. It was probably closer to thirty. And there was only about two feet of water to deal with. He had braced himself for the impact, so it only took him a minute to regain his footing. "Damn." Looking up, he could faintly see the drain and the night sky far above him. Harry slogged over to the side of the sewer, where there was a small stone path. He pulled out his wand and whispered,

  21. Yosho sat next to Tenchi's bed, watching him sleep. Ryoko had still refused to leave his side. The circles under her eyes were becoming more and more apparent. "Ryoko, you should at least rest."

    "I don't want to rest, I want to say here with him." Ryoko held Tenchi's hand, studying his face. "I don't want to leave him alone."

    "He won't be alone, Ryoko." Yosho knew this argument was pointless. Ryoko was not one to be told what to do.

  22. "Are you four ready?" Washu asked Ron, Ryoko, Hermione and Makoto. She swept up to where the four of them still stood, holding a box. She set the box on a table and opened it. Four smaller boxes were contained inside.

    "Ready." Ryoko said. "When do the Potters return?"

    "I'm going to activate that portal as soon as the four of you leave. I want you all back in eight hours." Washu took out one of the boxes and handed it to Ryoko. "These all need exact placement, going on the four primary locations."

  23. A quick note from the author. The end of chapter twenty-two (When the Sun Went Down) happens about an hour after the end of chapter twenty-three (Around the World in Eight Hours or whatever I called it!)

  24. It was like swimming up through the lake at Hogwarts. Harry slowly, slowly, opened his eyes a crack, and saw a long beam of light. Where was he? He winced and then felt a cool cloth against his forehead. There was a strong scent of lavender in the cloth, and another smell was with it. A soft, gentle perfume Harry could place without opening his eyes. "Ginny."

    Ginny smiled and rinsed out the cloth. "It's all right. Don't try to talk if it hurts...."

    Harry opened his eyes a little more, and things were slightly blurry. "How long have I been asleep?"

  25. The early morning sunlight filtered under the blinds and spilled across Harry and Ginny's faces. That, combined with the smell of coffee floating up from the kitchen that caused Harry to open his eyes. He rubbed his face, sitting up. He felt considerably better than he had in several days. Perhaps it was that this morning, he was waking up in a warm bed rather than a dank sewer. Ginny let out a long breath and turned over.

    "Is it morning already?" She mumbled, still half asleep.

  26. The next morning, the entire air about the Masaki house had changed. Today, Harry would be traveling to Shinsen Academy to inform the headmaster that Lily would be remaining at that school. While he was gone, Lily was to pack up what she could so that tomorrow, tomorrow they would return to England. Lupin had returned to England late the previous night, and was going to look into getting a job teaching. Reluctant as he was to take any more of Makoto's Lai's charity, he had decided to send a letter to the headmaster of Shinsen, seeing if a job

  27. Caspian pulled his sneakers off and went into the kitchen. He'd run the entire three miles to the main road, down to the Chen's home, which was three more miles down the main road. and back again. The run had been somewhat of a help, even if it was just getting out of the house. He poured himself a glass of lemonade as Harry came into the kitchen. "You want some as well, Mr. Potter?"

    "I suppose..." Harry sat down in one of the stools as Caspian busied himself with the glass, ice, and pitcher. "How far did you run?"

  28. Lily was up before dawn the next morning. For a few moments, she lay in bed, listening to the sounds of the house. On the floor, she could hear Mariah breathing softly. There was a soft creak of floorboard overhead, probably caused by Caspian turning over in his sleep. She let out a low breath and sat up. It was probably going to be the last time she ever did so in the Masaki house. Glancing quickly at her sister to make sure she was still asleep, Lily stood, went to one of her trunks and tossed a sweatshirt over her pajama top. The noise did not wake Mariah.

  29. Remus Lupin stared up at the weather worn sign over the inn in Nasaki. The Roaring Unicorn What an odd sort of name for a inn. There was only a few people inside, one, the proprietor, was leaning against the back of the bar, cleaning a glass. She was a medium sized witch, who kept glancing at the windows, as if she would rather be outside than indoors. There were two people sitting at a table in the corner, whispering to one another. The fourth occupant sat at a table on the other side. A middle aged wizard with black and grey hair,

  30. Lily had been very glad that she and her family had been the first ones to arrive at The Burrow that afternoon. That had given her time to plant Aslan in a corner of the Weasley's garden, where it was very likely to go unnoticed, and also, undisturbed. Lily had rapidly learned that dinner with the entire family at the Burrow was a major affair. Fourteen children and sixteen adults were going to be sitting down for a meal, and Lily had sat at enough dinners on Jurai that had that many people, and sometimes more. But to sit down with twenty-three

  31. Life wasn't going to return to normal. There was no such thing as normal life anymore. Lily lay curled up under the covers of her bed, listening to the rumble of traffic outside. She missed the quiet of rural Okayama, she missed nearly everything about her life as it had been. Now, now she was with her real family, the family she always thought had thrown her out, or had been stolen from. Never, in all her thoughts about this family did they include them coming to Okayama, and her having to leave. It had been so easy to leave, to go along with

  32. Lily sat with her friends at the long table in the large great hall, leaving a space for two people between Akira and Taro. The whole train ride to Shinsen had been a real experience, so naturally, now the whole school knew the gist of what had happened to her this summer. She imagined the same thing would happen on the Hogwarts Express a few weeks from now. It had been rough for her parents when they had left her at Outer Okayama station, but it wasn't as if she could blame them. Caspian had been brought to the station by Ryoko, but she had not stayed to talk to anyone.

  33. Harry filpped absently through the program and then checked his watch. "I guess we got here a little early..."

    "Well, we didn't count on the lack of traffic." Ginny said.

    "Since when do we really have to worry about things like traffic?" Ron said as Hermione drew out two pairs of opera glasses. "Where'd you get those?"

    Hermione handed one to Ron. "These?" She looked around, no one was sitting near them yet. "They were omnioculars... and we can turn them back when the performance is over."

  34. Washu had put Mayuka into stasis. It was, as she called it, buying them a little time. If, by some miracle, the poison that had gotten into Eowyen could be counteracted, then there was a chance Mayuka would pull through. It was a ghost of a chance, and Tenchi sat next to the small stasis bed, his head down, staring at the floor. It was almost to much to bear. He had lost Kaida this summer, then grandfather, and now, now Mayuka, his only child, was slipping away from him. It was horrifying to his daughter look so weak. None of the illnesses

  35. Harry went up the path to Hogwarts, a feeling of nostalgia swept over him. The last time he had been here was last June, for Nathan's graduation. The trees of the forbidden forest were almost bare, and as he came around a bend in the road, he could see Hagrid's hut, surrounded by a group of students. From the fact that girls were in the front of the bunch, they were most likely studying unicorns. Checking his watch, he noted that class should be over soon.

    Hagrid saw the familiar face coming towards him and waved. "Mornin' 'Arry. Be with you in a moment."

  36. The Masaki household was quieter than normal that night. Washu had finally persuaded Tenchi to go to sleep, but he had refused to leave the lab. He was currently tucked into an oversize chair next to Mayuka's bed. He had only gone to sleep with the agreement that Washu would wake him up immediately if there was any change. Washu figured that would at least keep Tenchi asleep for a few hours. Indeed, Washu herself was starting to get very tired from the long hours hunched over her screens, searching for something that could possibly aide her.

  37. "It's ready." Harry said looking up from the cauldron and over at Makoto. "How long before sunrise in Okayama?"

    Makoto rubbed his face and then looked at his watch. "Two hours at the most." He stood and came over to the older wizard. "Any idea how to transport this without spilling it? I don't mean to offend, but neither of us have gotten enough sleep to apparate very far."

    "Agreed." Harry let out a deep sigh. "Much as I hate using them, I think we'll have to take a Portkey."

    "That sounds best. Do we need anything else?"

  38. Mariah tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and shaded her eyes towards the entrance to the Hogwarts grounds, were most of the school's gaze was directed. The entire student body and staff stood outside the castle, waiting. At the front of the group, she could see Headmaster Diggory. A large carriage, probably twice the size of the one Mariah had ridden in last September was coming up the road.

  39. So then what happened? It would be nice to say that everyone lived happily ever after, but it was not to be so. Well, not entirely so. There were good times and bad times, joyful times and sorrowful ones.

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