We are back! Return of Fanbards and Fan Fun!

Construction in the night
C.W. Smith
Sat, 08/12/2023 - 18:07

We are back!

I am finally getting a chance to rebuild and rethink Fanbards and what I want this to be. What kind of community I want this to become. For a while this will be probably a bit sparce. Before this used to be a fan fiction archive. Now I am wondering if I should focus on creating an archive here or not. I will be discussing the idea and such of story archiving, fanbased and original, on a different page. But fact is we will need to be a community for this to really work.

I may find a few people to join in creating content on here as writers and commentators. I'm not sure I will rebuild the fanfiction archive, but I have the tools to throw together a simple archive on here easily enough. We might even be able to build up from some ideas I have.

So I will be adding some old content here soon, preferably tagged with a published date as close to the original as possible. ANd new content will be mostly me rewatching and reviewing old shows, anime, and movies for a long while. The base idea is we won't follow the newest stuff, but stuff we actually like reguardless. That may involve some of the newer stuff, but thats not a gaurentee.

So welcome, and lets build a place to talk about the stuff we geek out over.