"Klingon Battle" with the V'ger Cloud - Star Trek TMP Remade

So I'm tooling around Facebook when I find this recreation of the Klingon Battle from Star Trek TMP. I figured I'd share it with everyone just to do so.

from on .


Classic Doctor Who on Hulu!

WEll, I was tooling around Hulu and I found something interesting. Now, if you have Netflix or Amazon Instant or any video service and enjoy Doctor Who Classic Episodes, you know tha tthese services do NOT have all of the Classic run on them. I'm not sure why or what BBC is doing, but they just don't.

Enter in Hulu which in fact seem to have the entire run of the Classic Series, including An Unearthly Child, Series 1 Episode 1. Thank you Hulu.


DareDevil - The Netflix Series

So DareDevil came out last Friday, and pretty much everyone I know binge watched it. Everyone on every other geek site binge watched it, all like that. Frankly I don't care for, nor have the time all at once, to binge a 24 episode season. I like taking my time with a series, enjoying each episode, going away, thinking on it, then coming back. So I've ended up only at Episode 6 so far.

I tend to get pulled away at good parts at times as well.


Sleepy Hollow

At the recommendation of my mother I started watching Fox's new show Sleepy Hollow. I've mowed through the entire lineup of current episodes and frankly I find myself wanting more. It's actually been a very good year for television in my opinion. But that such a show is on fox worries me for it's future no matter what. After all, Fox doesn't have a good track record with this sort of show. I think many of us are still bitter about Firefly.

The Expanse

So I watched this series, it’s a short season series off SyFy I found in the free episode bin of Microsoft TV & Video. It’s a classic space opera and mystery series that is all set in the future where Man is settling and living out in the Solar System. We follow the three stories throughout the first ten-episode season. All of them separate, yet all connected.


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