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A discussion about the new FanFilm Guidelines from CBS/Paramount

With the new guidlines Parmount/CBS set forth there has been a lot of discussion. Well here's a discussion about it for all of you to listen to.


Working in Word Mobile on the Desktop

So I decided to work on some thoughts. And sometimes the best way to do that is to find a subject and just think on it, write, and go from there. So Today I decided I would see how Word Mobile, the Universal Window Program for Word, worked in it’s full sized version on my Windows 10 Desktop. Since I don’t have anywhere near the cash needed to create a stand alone Continuum Setup, this is the next best thing when it comes to working on a specific program.


Progress Report 05-11-2016

Progress on Bookshelf continues, even though I haven’t been able to get it completely done yet. I’m trying to both get a good setup for users and I have to figure out the setup for management by editors and admin. That maybe a bit more difficult than just the User CMS. There needs to be a way for someone to edit other people’s content if they have accepted permissions while maintaining their own user content area and not making them end up seeing everyone’s content from there.

Need to check with the Drupal guys on that.


Public vs Moderated vs Private

So, I’m working on the bookshelf public structure and I get to thinking about what I should offer in the end. Obviously everything I’m doing is built around the concepts you see in Fanbards.net, a public open community where anyone can create stories and add to the database. No problem with that. I’ve also considered the Closed/Moderated Scenario, where the Author becomes a content type and the public CAN’T create content freely, only the administration and editing teams could.


Lumia 950 with Windows 10 mobile

So, I picked up a Lumia 950 recently. I have to say that as a device I really am pleased. This is of course coming from someone who enjoyed a Lumia 925 for two years and only ever craved an updated kindle app or a book app.

If you are coming from an older Windows phone you will not be disappointed. It is a capable device with a good build and sturdy case.


The Expanse

So I watched this series, it’s a short season series off SyFy I found in the free episode bin of Microsoft TV & Video. It’s a classic space opera and mystery series that is all set in the future where Man is settling and living out in the Solar System. We follow the three stories throughout the first ten-episode season. All of them separate, yet all connected.


Bookshelf Features Modules

Pen and Parchment

Bookshelf is a project I work on when I have time. Part of the reason being that I have to work in order to live. So while development is NOT fast it does happen. Mostly right now I’m creating views and pages with panels and panel layouts. Thing is that mobile is really the way things go layout wise. I get a few demand for better Mobile Support, but that’s a layout issue really. Not sure how much I should put into a few modules.

Right now it’s all features modules. So while I can share some work, it’s really just views and panels. So what do you do?


Update for 12-17-2015

So I want to ensure that my install profile/features module for Drupal is as capable as I can make it. Right now that means working in D7 and monitoring D8.

The major issue presenting itself right now relates to user navigation through stories. I’ll be trying to figure them out as I can. Right now I can recreate a large portion of what Bookshelf needs in D8. But not everything.

I’m still trying to get to a point for testing the D7 version, but it is easier as I am just recreating Fanbards without content.

Will keep you apprised.


Halo 5 Soundtrack!

343 has released the entire Halo 5 Soundtrack to SoundCloud. You can listen to the entire thing here. I've even embedded it into this post.

The SOundtrack is available for purchase and download from iTunes right now. if someone knows if it's available on Amazon let me know.

Progress Report 10/18/2015

So, I’ve been working on the profile some and trying to finish getting the content from the current setup cleaned up and posted proper. IT’s a tedious process and life gets in the way often. One of the things I’m having issues with is the Next previous links for the navigation side of things through a story. It’s not going to be too easy to do in Drupal 8 if I keep with the way I’m doing it, mostly because the module is not really supported anymore, so I’m investigating a better way to handle the navigation portion.


Windows 10 Device Briefing

I didn’t get to watch it live when it broadcast this morning, but I did watch the Windows 10 Device briefing. Microsoft Windows 10 is now my primary Operating system on the new rig I just built. Frankly I think Microsoft for the first time since I really started caring about Computers back in the 90’s. There was a bit of a rehash at first with the Xbox Bundles coming out for the holiday, including the Halo 5 Bundle which I will be purchasing later this month.


Total Recall (2012) - Xbox Exclusive Director's Cut

I know a bunch of folk felt that Total Recall was a bit of a bust. Frankly when I watched it on Amazon Instant last year I enjoyed it. I liked the new take on the old idea, and it didn't feel like so many trashy lets do this cause it's cool reboots. Well I got a hold of the XBox Director's Cut (Called Xbox Exclusive). 

I don’t know if it's still exclusive or not, but it's a very interesting recut. 


Vampire Hunter D Vol 1

Vampire Hunter D is one of those books I waited a while to be translated. Then around 2006 they started releasing english translations here in the United States. Naturally I purchased them and read them as I could... but then my job situation went up in smoke and I had to hold off. So now that I can finally purchase them digitally on Kindle/Nook I've decided to reread them and then review them as I do so. 


#GamerGate - Trying to find the truth!

So, I've heard the whole thing for the last year just like everyone else. It's only know that I've taken the time to look into things and try to piece together something that might be the truth. Frankly I'm already finding a lot condemning the detractors of the group as opposed to those pushing for what they believe in.


Fantastic Fail

I have not gotten to see this movie yet so this should be taken with a grain of salt. I was HOPING I would be pleasantly surprised that this might actually end up being a good movie. All signs however seem to point to a cinematic disaster of... well the attached image tells it all. There has been no really positive reviews of this movie. The critics I usually ignore, but no one has come out saying they liked it either among the actual fans. The response has been a lot of meh to "Oh the Humanity!!!"


Dallas Comic-Con

So, I have been trying to get myself to a con for years now, and I've decided to get myself setup to go to the Dallas Comic-Con this year. It is October 16-18 at the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm going to have to save up just to transit there. I probably won't be reserving a hotel there, even if I live on the other side of Tarrent County, but that's mostly cause it will already be booked. I will just have to try and live with it.


Fanbards Stance on the First Amendment!

I think it should be pointed out that in every iteration of this site I have had but one real rule I TRY to adhere to. Freedom of Speech is absolute. I don't ban folk for disagreeing with me, I don't silence anyone who has something to say against me. I argue, I debate, I speak out, but I never ever silence people. 

In this day and age I think it's important to reaffirm that truth. 


Project Bookshelf: Discussion Group Open

This is to let you all know that the Bookshelf Group is now open. Bookshelf is my name for the Drupal setup I have here on Fanbards, and will try to turn into something that can be shared with anyone for any type of writer's community. Anyone interested in joining the discussion or ading their support can join me there and keep track of my progress, offer suggestions, or provide some assistence.



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